10 New Year Resolutions You Make Every Year But Never Keep.

10 New Year Resolutions You Make Every Year But Never Keep.

1 | Lose weight

lose weight

You’d be lying if you said you don’t do this. Every year, in the week of December, we’d all be in our post-Christmas daze from eating non-stop. We’ll look down at our bellies and say no more. Cue the search for gym memberships, online personal trainers and fitness apps.

After the first few weeks of the new year, most people just end up way too busy to remember any of it.

2 | Eat better

eating clean

Similar to losing weight, we always promise ourselves to start eating better. Healthier, less oily, less carbs etc.

The problem is, a bowl of salad is $9. A plate of fried carrot cake is $3. Carrot cake it is!

3 | Get more sleep

get more sleep

Honestly even while making this resolution, a part of you probably already knows it’s not gonna happen. Not because we don’t want to, but because it’s almost impossible with everything that goes on in life – work, tv shows, social media stalking sessions

4 |  Socialize more

Socialize more

Most of us spend more time with our smartphones/laptops than actual human beings. It’s probably because they don’t require us to talk?

5 | Quit smoking

quit smoking

For all you smokers who’ve been trying to quit every year, it probably is really hard and we wish we could help. Best piece of advice we can give is that every time you feel like lighting up, have a sweet instead.

6 | Cut down on alcohol

cut down on alcohol

A classic promise to that none of us ever keep or even want to keep, no matter how expensive drinking is or how much we regret it next morning.

7 | Save money

save money

The most crucial but also the hardest to do. Cost of living here is high, and Singaporeans by default love to eat/shop, neither of which are cheap hobbies.

8 | Cut down on shopping

cut down on shopping

More specifically online shopping. This is for all you impulsive shoppers out there who can’t resist flash sales online – just hide yourself from the internet if you feel like splurging.

9 | Pick up a new hobby

new hobby

Knitting, book club, a sport? Let’s get real. If we had the time to even do those things, we’d rather spend that time sleeping. See resolution number 3.

10 | Start being a nicer person

be a better person

Of all the things in the list, this is one that we should really try to actually keep. Yes life gets hard and downright frustrating sometimes, and we’re all tired old farts angry at everything.

If individually each of us makes an effort to be nicer though, the world might be a less frustrating place 😉

Article Written By buegl

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