10 Occasions To Use The foodpanda App

10 Occasions To Use The foodpanda App

1 | When you’re broke

Restaurant bill

Eating out is expensive. Have you seen some of the insane promotions you get with food delivery? Much, much easier on the wallet. Here’s a good trick if you don’t know where to find these features or monthly promotions – subscribe to our newsletter!

2 | When you need to look busy

cell phone

You know that awkward moment when you’re waiting for someone who hasn’t reached and you take out your phone to look like you’re busy? Yes we’ve all been there. What’s more awkward is pretending to be on a call and have your phone ring mid-way. Here’s a better idea, open up the foodpanda app and order food. Then when your friend shows up, tell them you’ve suddenly got dinner at home and leave.

You get to have your revenge on your tardy friend for being late, and you get to go home to a hot meal. Win win.

3 | When you’re lazy to cook

cooking in Singapore

This goes without saying . Everyone is lazy to cook. Even cooking instant noodles is a hassle sometimes. Food delivery solves this. It’s as simple as that.

4 | When you have a hot date

Dating in Singapore

A boring, awkward date at a crowded and noisy restaurant? An even heftier bill after? We’re having none of that! Order food home, get some candles and dig in with hands. It’s so much more personal and intimate, and you can have much better conversation with much better (you read it as cheaper, cheapskates) food.

Also, we’ve just given you the ultimate win of getting them in your house already even before the date commences. Smooth or what?

5 | When you give up on food altogether

foodpanda app download

Frustrations run high when you’re just so done with the same old food and can’t decide what to eat. Even worse if it’s you and your partner, because this inevitably leads to a fight. Here’s why the foodpanda app saves the day: open up the app, close your eyes, pick something, order and you’re done!

You can thank us later. Also, watch this space for our What’s For Dinner campaign coming up in September. It sounds eerily similar to this….

6 | When you need an excuse to not go out

Staying home

Do you know when you’re home in pj’s and ready to laze up on the couch and do absolutely nothing, but then your pesky friends call and force you out for dinner? Use our foodpanda app and order in. So when they call and try to force you out, now you have a legitimate reason to stay in because you have food on the way.

It’s definitely NOT because you’re lazy to shower.

7 | When you’re annoyed with your WiFi at home

foodpanda Singapore app

Using the desktop takes forever when nothing is loading. Thankfully, our phones come with data services so screw WiFi for denying you the basic human right to eat.

Use that app and get your food.

8 | When your computer freezes


What’s more annoying than a slow WiFi? An even slower computer. Thank god for smartphones.

9 | When you need to surprise a friend or family member

Romantic food delivery

One of the neat features with the foodpanda app is that it allows you to order food for someone else and surprise them. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like  warm meal at their door. So even if you’re overseas for work and you’re missing that special someone’s birthday? No worries, order a cake for them and we’ll deliver it with tender loving care.

10 | When you’re just plain hungry

Enjoy delicious food

Let’s be real now, you don’t really need a reason to use the app. You’re hungry. You want food. We have food. Food arrives. You are happy.

Download the App here!


Article Written By buegl

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