10 Reasons Why Delivery Is Better Than Eating Out

10 Reasons Why Delivery Is Better Than Eating Out

For the busy, working population, we often end up settling on fast food outside or making instant noodles at home which is even worse. While it’s tempting to head out and eat, it’s also expensive and very time-consuming on occasion.
Thankfully, there’s this magical phenomenon known as food delivery. Yes, food delivered to your house. Like straight to your doorstep. Incredible? Yes we know.
Not sold on the idea? Let us try and convince you further why it’s so much better than eating out.

1 | Long queues

Long queue in Singapore
One of our favorite past times in this little island is to queue. It’s like a strange habit we can’t kick. Don’t you hate it when there’s a new cafe or restaurant you really want to try, but the queue is longer than the Hello Kitty collection line at KFC?

2 | Avoiding traffic

Traffic Jam in Singapore
Another bane of eating out is the journey there. Unfortunately, lunch and dinner also happen to fall within peak hour timings and traffic is just terrible. The time spent just driving is probably longer than your entire meal time.

3 | Parking

Parking in Singapore
Parking is sometimes more expensive than the actual meal in this country. Enough said.

4 | Weather

sunshine in singapore
Singapore’s weather is as unpredictable as our public transport (*cough* mrt). One minute it’s hotter than Stefanie Sun (pun not intended, or was it?), suddenly there’s apocalyptic rain. How to go out like this?!

5 | Variety

Italian food delivery
Going out to eat at ONE restaurant confines you to ONE menu. foodpanda has more than 450 of the best Singapore restaurants to choose from (hint hint).
Also, food delivery usually has way better promotions than dining in so really it’s a win-win situation.

6 | Table manners

table manners in singapore
There’s no need to struggle with your cutlery at home. Nobody wants to eat seafood with a fork and spoon. Also, nobody will judge us when we eat our fried Chicken Wings with both hands like a slob.

7 | Time-saving

arrival in singapore
Delivery time takes roughly around an hour usually, which gives us the option to do so much more rather than spend time travelling. In that one hour, you could take a shower, watch a tv show, finish a computer game, cook rice for the dishes that you’ve ordered etc.

8 | Avoiding service charge

Money in Singapore
Yes, we know delivery has a fee too. But in all fairness, it’s half as expensive as some service charges nowadays.

9 | For those lazy days

Home office in Singapore
Lazy to dress up? Lazy to get in the shower? (don’t need to lie, this is a safe circle)
Food delivery is the answer. You could literally eat naked at home if you wanted to, just please do society a favor and close your curtains ah.

10 | Better conversation

talking in singapore
With a noisy and over-crowded restaurant, it’s hard to keep a conversation flowing. It’ll be even more awkward if it’s a first-date and you end up quietly eating the entire time. Food delivery is the ultimate solution to accompany the heart-to-heart talks with family or friends. Can’t go wrong with good company and even better food, yes?

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