5 Best Fish and Chips Restaurants in Singapore

5 Best Fish and Chips Restaurants in Singapore

Originating in England in the late 19th century, Fish and Chips has remained a stalwart of western cuisine for decades. A typical plate of fish and chips consists of a fried battered fish fillet, served up with a sizzling portion of chips. Nowadays, you’ll find an endless list of twists on this classic dish, with all manner of fish choices and an incredible pick of sides to choose from. Looking for terrific takes on this enduringly popular dish in Singapore? Why not get inspired with our pick of five of the best.


Here’s a great menu choice if you can’t quite decide between fish and chips and something more continental. At Ministry of Pasta and Grill, you can choose from traditional Fish and Chips served up with coleslaw and a host of add ons, along with premium pasta dishes including Prawn Aglio Olio. It’s the quality ingredients and expert attention to detail that make this one a must-try.ministeryofpastaandgrill
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The Manhattan FISH MARKET has been around for a few years now and specialises in quality American cooking with a twist. If you’re after western-style dishes and big flavours, there’s no better choice of menu for big dinners and delicious lunches. Unsure about what to pick from this first-rate menu? Try the Feeesh ‘n Cheeese, or go for the classic Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips for a sure-fire hit at suppertime. Looking to quash a big appetite? How about a side of Fried Calamari.

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Owned and operated by Lim Teck Huat, a specialist in Western cuisine, Australia Design Western Food is a go-to for big flavours and dishes made with care. While many western food outlets keep things simple, Australia Design opts for something else altogether. Expects classics like Fish and Chips and Lamp Chops, alongside richer alternatives like Honey Black Pepper Chicken.fish-n-chips-ministry-of-pasta-and-grill-min
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When hunger strikes, make sure Seven Seas Bistros Bar is high on your list of priorities. In addition to a brilliant beer menu, Seven Seas has a great pick of western cuisine that’ll quash the biggest of appetites fast. Keep it simple with a plate of Fish and Chips cooked to perfection, or order in a Ribeye Steak fried just how you like it. Looking for a lighter alternative? How about the Honey Glazed Chicken Chop.

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At The Royals Bistro, you’ll find a great selection of western favourites that should satisfy all appetites. An ideal pick for those who like their food fast and flavours big, The Royals Bistro has an incredible pick of dishes that can be ordered for a great lunch or five-star dinner. With prices starting at around $S6.00, this one is also an ideal choice for those who want to stick to a budget. Unsure of what to order? Give the classic Fish and Chips a try, or opt for something extra-special with the Pan-Fried Salmon.

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Now you’ve got some ideas on what’s on offer in Singapore, why not order in some fish and chips today with foodpanda. Head straight to your menu of choice via the foodpanda website, or download the app to place your order on the go. Looking for more incredible ideas for lunch or dinner? Browse more western food menus on foodpanda, or take some time to explore the full offering of fast food favourites on offer with foodpanda.

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