5 Things To Do In This Haze

5 Things To Do In This Haze

The PSI has gone up, up, up… With almost no signs of going down, down, down…

The haze in Singapore is taking a toll on several things. It is even harder to drive on the roads; the air is simply horrible for the skin; eyes get itchy… Some of us cannot even laugh without coughing along. Basically, it has been hard for all of us. To help along, foodpanda has come up with a list of 5 things to make this haze jazz a little less annoying.

1 | Drink Up!

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Water is quite literally the most important part of every human being’s life. And it’s even more so during this super dry period! Drink more than usual; in fact, some even say about 3 litres a day to keep healthy!

2 | Have Your Mask On!

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Everyone should have their masks with them at all times. Just like how some of us would ‘just die’ without our mobile phones; you could actually cause some real damage to your health without your mask.

3 | Stay Indoors As Much As Possible

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It’s best to skip the jog around the park for now. Your lungs are already working a little overtime with this haze, don’t make them go through even more pain! The haze is also literally evil to your eyes. The air causes major irritation, redness and sometimes allergies!

4 | Dining Outdoors is a No-No

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We know how Singaporeans love our hawker centres – just sitting around outdoors and enjoying our local delights. But in this weather, you really shouldn’t let your food be left out in the open air. Try as much as possible to dine indoors!

5 | foodpanda it*

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This is, of course, the most important!

Not that we are bias here… Okay, maybe just a tad. But with foodpanda bringing you food from our local restaurants in Singapore wherever you might be – you can enjoy your food indoors without any cruel Singapore haze interfering with you enjoying your meal.

After all, eating time is sacred and life is too short for meals to be less than awesome.

*In case you’re concerned over the safety of foodpanda riders, all our riders have been issued with N95 protective masks to protect them from the haze conditions. In addition, all riders are instructed to contact their managers and take a break if they feel unwell. foodpanda will continue to watch the haze conditions over the coming days and if conditions become too hazardous, foodpanda delivery may be unavailable. In such circumstances, foodpanda will communicate to customers via the website, mobile applications and our Facebook page.

Article Written By buegl

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