7 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Easily Prepare or Buy

7 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Easily Prepare or Buy

It happens. That seemingly long period between your breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner. That uncontrollable urge to snack on something, something to satisfy you until your next meal.

Patrick Star | foodpanda Magazine

You also want it to be delicious because, seriously, who really wants to nibble on carrots as a snack? Unless you are a rabbit.

Here are 10 of the BEST, healthy and delicious snacks that you can easily prepare or buy off the supermarket.

1 Peanut Butter and Apple

Peanut Butter and Apple | foodpanda Magazine

Fiber + protein + healthy fats. One of the healthiest and easiest snack you can prepare on your own!

2 Black Sesame Bars

Black Sesame Bars | foodpanda Magazine

I came across this snack while I was grocery shopping (because grocery shopping is my favourite past-time, aside from sleeping).

Not only are these black sesame bars preservatives and trans fat free, you also get 5g of dietary fiber and 10g of protein with every serving of these wholesome bars! Plus point? THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

3 Natural Cashew Nuts

Natural Cashew Nuts | foodpanda Magazine

By now, you should have already came across numerous health articles on the benefits of eating nuts everyday. These baked cashew nuts help in reducing blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels, and the omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber will help you feel full. That means lesser hunger pangs, lesser “hangry-ness”. Yes, hangry is a word in the Oxford Dictionary.

4 Air-popped Popcorn with Dark Chocolate Shavings

Air-popped Popcorn with Dark Chocolate Shavings | foodpanda Magazine

Popcorn is full of fiber and has few calories – as long as you don’t drizzle honey and smear butter all over it. Instead, give these air-popped popcorns a pop of dark chocolate shavings, and you will start popping these in your mouth at lightning speed.

I need to stop with the pop-puns, puns are not even POPular nowadays…

5 Synder’s Mini Pretzels

Synder's Mini Pretzels | foodpanda Magazine

Each serving of these mini pretzels is only about 110 calories! This is one of the most guilt-free snacks that we can get.

6 Seaweed

Seaweed | foodpanda Magazine

One of my favourite snack. Not only is seaweed low in calories, it also contains alginate, a fiber found in sea kelp that can significantly help reduce your body’s fat uptake.

I WILL EAT ANYTHING that can help reduce my fat content. ANYTHING.

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