8 Cheap Restaurants in Singapore To Enjoy Under 16SGD

8 Cheap Restaurants in Singapore To Enjoy Under 16SGD

If there is anything better than delicious food sent to your doorstep – it’s when the order does not cost a bomb. Here are some Singapore cheap eats that are available on foodpanda for your guilty (and affordable) pleasure!

1 | Delicious Chicken at Popeyes

One of the favorites of fast food lovers is most definitely Popeyes Singapore. Serving up crispy and flavorful tender chicken, you can get a great meal for one from S$6.50! Or satisfy a small party from S$14.90.

2 | Juicy Chicken Sandwiches at EPIKebabs

Fancy something a little different from the usual Singaporean delights? Do not let the name deceive you – EPIKebabs delivery does not only offer kebabs, but also a selection of other tummy-filling and taste bud-pleasing menu choices – starting from just S$6.60! On our list of cheap food in Singapore, EPIKebabs occupies a well-deserved second position.

3 | Singaporean Fish Balls at Old Chang Kee

Bite into some of our local snacks from household name Old Chang Kee. Fishballs, prawns and so on Onstik (on a stick) ready for you for as cheap as S$1.50 per stick.

4 | Freshly caught Seafood at Manhattan Fish Market

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… And you keep eating, eating, eating… When done properly, cheap food shopping in the city is not hard at all. For as low a S$13.15, you get a very generous serving of seafood in Singapore.

5 | Scrumptuous American Burgers at Burger King

This brand needs no introduction. You get to enjoy one of Singapore’s beloved burgers with as little as S$6.05 for a meal that comes with a burger, fries and a soft drink. For reasons of convenience, bear in mind Burger King can be found in virtually all major hubs across the island state. Cheap food at Orchard? Yes please!

6 | Crispy Chicken Wings at Wing Stop

Some of you might be familiar with Wing Stop; after it won our chicken wings blind test unanimously. Now you get to enjoy cheap food catering for a mere S$7.43.

7 | Traditional Italian Pizza at Canadian Pizza

Love pizza and great deals? Canadian Pizza on foodpanda is ready to blow you away with a huge selection of pizza toppings with prices as low as S$16.80!

8 | All Day Breakfast at Batter Fluffy Flaps

Calling all breakfast lovers! BFF (Best Friend Forever or Batter Fluffy Flaps) offers an All Day Breakfast selection with deliciously fluffy pancakes and more. Do not miss out on their other choices like pasta, affordable steak and adorable items for the children. Enjoy your very own BFF for as little as S$6.50 on foodpanda!

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