A deep dive into the menu at Jumbo Seafood

A deep dive into the menu at Jumbo Seafood

For over 20 years, Jumbo Seafood has been delivering fresh fish and seafood to its customers. During that time, this Singapore restaurant has built up a loyal following of foodies from all nations. Its menu is innovative and constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends in fish and seafood. Everyone seems to have a different menu favourite. Here are a few top dishes according to foodpanda.

Award-winning classic chilli crab

Any chilli dish stands or falls on the strength of its chilli sauce, and Jumbo Seafood seems to know this – it serves sauce of the highest quality. It’s just the right thickness and a heavenly blend of sweet and spice (chilli, lemongrass, turmeric and candlenuts) that isn’t too overpowering. If you like your food spicy but not too hot, this sauce would be perfect. The crab is fresh every day and prepared to succulent perfection.

Steamed cod with radish and chilli

A meaty fillet of fresh cod is steamed until the texture is perfect, and served over a bed of egg whites with diced cili padi (bird’s eye chilli). This delicious combination is then topped with a mix of pickled and minced radish and delicately fried garlic. The flavours perk up your tastebuds as the cod melts in your mouth. It’s hard to blend white fish with spices and get it right, but at Jumbo Seafood, they manage to accomplish this feat!

Red tilapia in nyonya sauce

If you don’t mind your fish whole and are happy to do the work of filleting it yourself, opt for deep-fried red tilapia with nyonya sauce. The raw sugar and milk of the sauce counteract the spices to give a refreshing mix of sweet and tangy. It’s a sauce that perfectly complements the golden-brown colour and crispiness of the deep-fried tilapia.

Crispy fried baby squid

Perfect as an appetiser, snack or quick lunch is the crispy fried baby squid. Tiny squid are fried until they reach just the right crunchiness, then tossed in an oyster sauce that’s a delectable blend of sweet and sour. As if this weren’t perfect enough, a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds is added to finish the dish.

Want to enjoy Jumbo Seafood in Singapore?

Jumbo Seafood prides itself on its fish and seafood. However, if you fancy something else, it also offers meat and vegetarian dishes at the same high quality of freshness and taste. With the help of foodpanda, you’re never far from your favourite Jumbo Seafood dish or the range of seafood restaurants in Singapore. Whether you want to dine in with your family, entertain friends or simply need a quick lunch, foodpanda makes it easy!

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