Activism works: Changing the way the food industry thinks about waste

Activism works: Changing the way the food industry thinks about waste

Do Singapore restaurants pay any attention to the zero waste movement?

As part of our focus on sustainability and climate change, we’re now going to take a quick look at how the zero waste movement can influence the food and restaurant industry in Singapore. There are lots of ways consumers like you can help influence the ways businesses operate, and even the smallest changes to your dining out or takeaway habits will have a knock-on effect on the restaurant sector. If every Singaporean worked together to help raise awareness of zero waste, we could really make a difference within any sector of business. Find out more below.

How much waste do Singaporeans generate?

The government estimates that every Singaporean generates about 800g of waste daily and hopes this can be cut by at least 30% each month. Just in case you’re wondering: a typical 30% waste cut for individuals will amount to just 15 glass bottles or 30 bananas each month. Ask your parents or grandparents just how far Singapore has come along the route towards recycling and better waste management. In the 1950s and 60s, a lot of general waste and trash would simply be thrown into the streets, causing health hazards and blocking roads and paving. Since 1973, Singapore has been using efficient incinerators to turn waste into electricity and we now burn almost 8,000 tonnes of waste daily. We don’t really have space to add more incinerators, and although they do safeguard public health, they stand accused of creating more climate problems. The foodpanda eco crew think we can all contribute towards the zero waste movement in Singapore and do a little bit more towards raising awareness, increasing rates of recycling and cutting food waste.

Singapore’s zero waste movement, activism and our local food industry

So, if you’re wondering how the zero waste movement can influence the food and restaurant industry, here are some simple tips on things you can do to speed up recycling, cut food waste, and help locals lead better lives.

Ways you can make a difference

  • Lots of our favourite food chains already focus attention on environmental issues, but a small push in the right direction will give even more impetus. Pizza Hut kindly sponsored pizza for Singapore’s migrant workforce during the Big Pot Luck back in May. But food waste is a real issue with restaurants and one of our biggest overall waste streams. If your favourite diner or restaurant is regularly throwing out food that could be donated to local poor or homeless communities, why not put them in touch with the National Environmental Agency (NEA) to find out all about the ways they can cut their waste and give back to society?
  • If you’re a regular at any local coffee shops, taking along your own refillable cup each time you need a caffeine shot is one really easy way to help cut waste and save our environment.
  • We love eating out in Singapore and most locals dine out at least once a week. Rice and noodles are the most common foods we waste at home and in restaurants. Simply cooking a little less for any meals or asking your food providers to reduce the amount on your plate is another way you can do your bit for our local zero waste movement.

You’ll always find great news and food articles in our magazine, and if you want to learn more about helping the zero waste movement, why not get in touch with one of the NEA’s local food waste reduction ambassadors?

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