Be ready for anything with our energy-rich booster juice ideas

Be ready for anything with our energy-rich booster juice ideas

Are you lacking in energy? Do you find it hard to fit in five portions of vegetables every day? Then using an energy-rich booster juice as a supplement to your diet might just be the answer. They’re certainly having a big moment as part of the lifestyle trend for healthier eating.

Why booster juices are a good idea

While drinking booster juices shouldn’t totally replace your vegetable intake, it is a good way of supplementing it and an enjoyable way of adding foods to your diet at different times of the day. For example, although breakfast is typically a no-vegetable zone, it’s easy to bring in some beetroot or carrots when they’re juiced. Studies show that eating five servings of vegetables a day can add several years to your lifespan. In the short-term, it helps you lose weight and keep fit, as well as giving you glowing skin, shining hair and lots more energy!

Replenish energy levels with green booster juices

Wonder no more why green booster juices deliver an instant shot of energy. It’s all to do with the green pigment of plants called ‘chlorophyll’. You might even remember it from biology lessons at school! Chlorophyll boosts your oxygen levels, pumping it through the bloodstream to increase physical energy and brain function. To make your green energy juice you can blend together cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, some lemon (including the rind if organic) and a small piece of ginger. The exact quantities depend on your taste preferences so have fun playing around.

Boost energy levels by supporting your digestive system

Varying the ingredients of your vegetable juices helps support your body in different ways. Try a blend of papaya, kale, cabbage, ginger and lemon for healthy digestion. A healthy gut always makes us feel more energised.

Finding booster juices in Singapore

There are some downsides to incorporating energy-rich booster juices into your diet, especially if you’re making your own. It can be expensive buying all the different ingredients and time-consuming to prep and blend them. And, don’t be tempted to overdo the juices as when you get a lot of your vegetable intake this way, you’re missing out on healthy fibre.

If you want to add juice to your diet as a daily way of boosting your energy and vitamin levels but don’t want the cost and effort involved in preparing your own, then foodpanda can help. Take advantage of a booster juice delivery from Boost Juice Bars or Fresh Juice Bar in Singapore.

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