Beating fatigue with every sip – Is green caffeine a miracle pick me up?

Beating fatigue with every sip – Is green caffeine a miracle pick me up?

Make your daily caffeine kick a little healthier by including a green caffeine option instead of the traditional cup of coffee or tea. You may have believed that green tea was your only option, but coffee lovers don’t have to fret as they can now sip a delectable cup of green coffee.

Why you should make the switch

The human race has been consuming caffeine almost as long as we’ve been around. Traditionally, we would make a decoction with roasted tea leaves or coffee beans and drink that to get that energy boost we crave. However, this is often associated with high levels of caffeine and none of the benefits of the raw version of these leaves and beans. Fortunately, it’s become apparent that there is no need for roasting before consumption. Without this process, green caffeine can provide you with a number of different health benefits in addition to enough caffeine to help you get through the day. Consuming green caffeine provides your body with a number of nutrients that improve its overall functions. Green tea and green coffee are both packed with a significant amount of antioxidants. These are crucial as they help your body fight off the environmental factors that lead to the development of cancer later on in life. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help fight inflammation in your body that leads to high blood pressure and pain.

How to make these drinks

Preparing your own green caffeine drink is relatively simple. Firstly, you need to decide if you are in the mood for tea or coffee. If you’re a tea lover, there are a few green tea options available to you. You could purchase whole tea leaves, pop them in a teapot and add boiling water. Once your tea has steeped, you can decant it into a delicate cup and sip it piping hot. Alternatively, you could opt for Matcha tea. This is a powdered green tea variety that is slightly higher in caffeine. Add boiling water and milk to this powder for a delectable latte. You could even add a scoop to your smoothies for a caffeine kick that’s second to none. Coffee lovers can take their green coffee beans and grind them up into a fine powder. Add this to your espresso machine for a quick fix or make your coffee in a French press.

Great ways to enjoy a green drink

Your cup of green tea is great for digestion, so it’s a great idea to brew yourself a cup after a big meal. If you prefer to start your day with a little caffeine then you may want to make yourself a cup of green coffee to savour while nibbling a breakfast pastry.

Indulge in a cup of tea or coffee

Get your daily dose of green caffeine from i.Tea or Tea Co. Just remember to add a pastry or two to your order to transform your drink into a complete meal.

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