Top of the Town: 4 Best Singapore Laksas you won’t be able to resist

Top of the Town: 4 Best Singapore Laksas you won’t be able to resist

It is undisputably one of the local flavours and favourites. The traditional laksa soup in Singapore will probably never go out of fashion. However, there are a few upgrades and alternatives – all are of course available for delivery via foodpanda.sg.

Best Laksa in Singapore n°1 | Capstone Café & Grill Singapore

Offering a more traditional curry laksa variation, Capstone Café & Grill on Arab Street serves fine quality for a small price. Make sure not to come too late as their laksa recipe is in high demand by guests and might run out in the course of an evening. Capstone is perfect for quick and casual but yummy dinner. The staff at this halal eatery are extremely friendly and attentive. I definitely would go back just for them.

Garnished with a sliced boiled egg and some herbs, the laksa paste itself is rich in flavour, strong in spice, and not too creamy. According to the restaurant, they use a traditional kampong recipe from Kuala Lumpur. The dish also comes with two small prawns and a few pieces of fish cake.

Best Laksa in Singapore n°2 | [email protected]’s

Hidden on the rooftop of Orchard Gateway, [email protected]’s has a spectacular atmosphere and great views. However, that’s not the reason I went. My focus was on the chef’s signature laksa at Makan. Forget about noodles and soup, as this version comes with laksa-flavoured fried rice and river prawns.

The latter were very fresh and bigger than I expected. The flavour of the rice was very rich, but not very spicy at all, giving the sweet peanut taste plenty of room to do its magic. In general this dish is a welcome alternative to the usual laksa and definitely has awesome presentation.

Best Laksa in Singapore n°3 | Koon Bak Kut Teh Singapore

Picture 06 - Laksa - Koon Bak Kut Teh
Right at the corner of Lavender Street and Hamilton Road, Koon Bak Kut Teh is very popular for lunch among the office crowd. Living just one street further, I regularly see Koon Bak Kut Teh also packed in the evening with people playing darts, drinking beer, and enjoying delicious local food.

When it comes to their curry laksa, there is nothing to complain about. Served with large tofu pieces, sliced fish cakes, small fish pieces, and topped with a small portion of sambal, their laksa noodles are a true comfort food at a low price.

Best Laksa in Singapore n°4 | Pasta J Restaurant

Located on Upper Thompson Road, Pasta J offers a laksa variation that is al dente. Their seafood laksa recipe is a wonderfully tasty upgrade. Similarly to the version at [email protected]’s, this sauce isn’t spicy but is therefore very rich in flavour with a strong peanut taste. Several prawns are mixed in with the creamy pasta, while the dish is topped with toasted squid and mussels.

The overall taste is very reminiscent of the traditional laksa flavour, but the seafood (which is already rich by itself) evokes the sensation of a sensual premium dish. The high-quality pasta and its creamy sauce are already very filling. It is a wonderful example of Asian-Italian fusion that one might otherwise only find in high-end restaurants.

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