Top of the Town: Best Log Cakes for Christmas

Top of the Town: Best Log Cakes for Christmas

It is that time of year again when you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying rich cakes and tasty cookies. As log cakes are one of our highlights every year, we took it upon ourselves to sample a few for you already.

Bûche Café Nougatine – Paul

Located on the third floor of Takashimaya, the fine French bakery Paul is no news to everybody with a good sense of beautiful tarts, fresh croissants as well as colourful and rich eclairs. As the Christmas season is already in full swing, Paul also offers a few special log cakes, such as La Fabulese with salted caramel and La Délicieuse with almond spice and speculoos.


Our attention was caught by the Bûche Café Nougatine, which comes with coffee buttercream and coffee nougatine flakes. The cake almost looks too good and crafty for it to be cut, but then again – we can’t keep our hands off a rich coffee and nougat cream. Shaped like a thin-layered Swiss roll, this cake is a must this Christmas season.

Traditional English Fruits Log Cake – Sakura International Buffet


As the name already suggests, this cake from Sakura is the most traditional version on our list. Wonderfully decorated with dried fruits, such as apricots, figs, plums and dessert cherries, this cake already looks amazing. Less sweet than most other log cakes, this version is very rich and filled with nuts on the inside.


Raspberry Chestnut – Froth

Located on the second floor of the Ascott Hotel on Finlayson Green in the CBD, Froth offers four different but classic log cakes. Besides Chocolate Peppermint, Nougat, and Vanilla Caramel, there is also a Raspberry Chestnut cake. The latter had caught our eyes.


Winning the price for the decorated log cake, this Raspberry Chestnut version looks like a real snowed-in log, including cute mushrooms and a snowman. At the core of the cake is a fruity raspberry jam filling, which is surrounded by soft cake dough and raspberry-flavoured cream.


Mousse Berry Christmas Log Cake – Momiji

Actually known for its Japanese buffet offering, Momiji also has log cakes for your Christmas celebrations. Their beautifully decorated cake comes with a soft and fruity coating around the creamier and rich filling on the inside. Topped with whipped cream, star garnish, and creatively designed chocolate pieces on each side, this Christmas cake will suit every taste.


Durian D24 Cheer – Emicakes

Located in the busy Plaza Singapura, the small cake shop Emicakes is known for its durian sweets and tarts. Therefore, it is no surprise that they made a durian-flavoured log cake, especially for Christmas. This log cake is not only flavoured but also has real durian flesh as filling. The D24 Cheer log cake is definitely a Christmas treat for all lovers of durian. Beautifully and colourfully decorated in pastel colours, this cake will cheer up your celebrations.


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