Discover the best places for cakes in Singapore

Discover the best places for cakes in Singapore

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to cakes, Singapore is one of the biggest mixing bowls there is! With European patisserie recipes and Eastern dessert traditions sitting side by side, there’s a wide range of exciting ideas on offer. Cultural mixes from such diverse places as India, France, England and local Singapore, mean that the cake lover is spoilt for choice. However for a great little guide and some sweet treat ideas, read on.


Catering to a wide crowd, and very respected, Delcie’s has a lovely selection of cakes and a signature range of gluten free choices which make them very popular for those on a wheat free diet. Try an indulgent, gluten free ‘Fudge Brownie’, or order a gluten free ‘Birthday Cake’ for a children’s party. Order it Now!


At the Cake Shop, they have a wonderful range of cup cakes in all colours and flavours that are just great for celebrations and a mid afternoon lift anytime! Colourful fun cakes are also on offer for all occasions in many flavours with a modern edge to the design.Discover the best cup cakes you like!


For fabulous French Macarons in all colours and flavours, or a classic ‘Tarte Normand’ made with apples, this is the place to come. French style, and patisserie at its best. They have a lovely selection of dinner party deserts too worth trying with lots of chic style!Check Paul’s menu here.

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This is simply one of Singapore’s finest places if you want cakes or sweets for special occasions. They have a range of large cakes like, ‘Matcha Strawberry Cake’ or, ‘Hydrangea Cake’ which are original and makes a great centrepiece. Or for a special gift, try their exquisite Floral cup cakes. With lovely flower decorations they are unbeatable for style and quality.Order Creme Maison Bakery online!


Love ice cream? Then you’ve come to the right place. There’s a stunning range of ice cream cakes which are great for parties or barbecues. Try the ,’Cherr-ish Cookies and cream cake.’ It’s a winner for a casual summer get together, or try the stylish, heart shaped, ‘Macadamia Love’ cake. Or perhaps a Blueberry Cheesecake for a low key mid week dinner party for friends would be lovely.Follow this Link to order Andersen’s of Denmark online.


With a distinctly more American feel, this restaurant has a wide menu. However they also have a range of cakes by the slice, which works well for a lunch time treat or for a few friends dining casually together. Try ‘American Cheesecake’, or ‘Rainbow Chocolate Cake’ or American favourite, ‘Carrot Walnut Cake.’ They also have a range of Macarons which are great for a business meeting treat or for a little gift for a friend. Oder online from Gecory.

Foodpanda’s wide selection of cakes has sweet treats all wrapped up.

Just from this selection it’s easy to see just how many wonderful place there are to try. Cakes are also fragile and for special occasions especially, foodpanda can be very useful. Easy to order and with easy payment options, the website makes choosing and ordering simple. Utmost care is taken when delivering your order. Ice cream cakes are transported in refrigerated conditions to keep them perfect. All cakes a boxed up to protect the delicate designs and finishes, so that whatever the occasion, you need not worry, foodpanda has it covered. 🙂 ♡

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