Boost your midweek meals with this simple baked salmon recipe

Boost your midweek meals with this simple baked salmon recipe

Oily fish are a vital part of any healthy diet and are often classed as a superfood. If you’re looking for a simple fish dish to boost your health midweek, this tasty baked salmon recipe comes highly recommended by nutritionists and the foodie team here at the foodpanda magazine. What’s more, this Teriyaki baked salmon meal is absolutely delicious and will soon become a firm favourite!

Teriyaki baked salmon with sesame pak choi: ingredients

  1. Two salmon – skinless
  2. One tablespoon honey
  3. One tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
  4. One teaspoon sesame oil
  5. Two tablespoons soy sauce
  6. One tablespoon mirin (alternatively use dry sherry)
  7. Two teaspoons finely grated ginger
  8. Noodles or brown rice (optional side dish)

How to make in three easy steps

1. Just heat the oven to around 200°C or 180°C for a fan oven or gas mark 6, then place the salmon fillets in a shallow oven dish. Mix the sweet chilli sauce, sesame oil, honey, mirin, ginger and soy sauce in a bowl and then pour it over the salmon so it’s entirely covered. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes.

2. Make your pak choi as normal. We suggest using two pak choi and cutting the bases so all the leaves separate. Heat a wok and add a little vegetable oil and sesame oil. Finely grate three garlic cloves then fry them lightly before adding the pak choi. Fry the pak choi until the leaves are wilted, then add fish or vegetable stock and allow this mixture to steam lightly for around five minutes or until the pak choi stems are tender.

3. Serve the pak choi in shallow dishes, place the salmon fillets on top and drizzle the sauce over.  Then simply scatter a couple of teaspoons of sesame seeds over the top of your dish and serve immediately with brown rice or noodles, if required.

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We hope you enjoy this simple baked salmon recipe; we certainly love it! Just so long as you have all the ingredients in your store cupboard, this is a really quick and simple meal to prepare. Of course, once you’ve tried this meal, you can just amend the sauce recipe to suit your own taste and preferences.  Why not check out all the other tasty recipes and meal options available at foodpanda now?

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