Can you food beat flu? How eating well can help combat illness

Can you food beat flu? How eating well can help combat illness

Colder temperatures and monsoon conditions make it important to choose the best immune-boosting foods, even if you’ve already had a flu jab. If you’re wondering about the best food for flu this year, here’s a quick round-up to keep you fit and healthy, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Best food for flu this season

There are plenty of different foods you can rely on to bolster your immune system during the cold and flu rounds. Vitamin C is one of the most essential dietary top-ups, so making sure your diet includes plenty of oranges and lemons is definitely the way forward. What’s more, maintaining loads of vitamin C in your diet any time you’re feeling a bit sniffly may help clear the symptoms!

If you’re under the weather, you can rely on foodpanda to deliver all your essential food and drink! Your other important – and affordable – solution is to ensure you’re hydrated at all times. Sipping water can help cut trapped mucous and reduce fluid loss.

Ginger tea is a fantastic anti-inflammatory

The health benefits of ginger are renowned. It’s also a fantastic anti-inflammatory and can boost your immune system when you’re down. Whip up a jug of ginger root tea and sip on it regularly to keep colds and sniffles at bay.

Magical blueberries

There’s much more to the common blueberry than meets the eye. These tasty berries are brimfull of antioxidants that can help fend off the cold or flu. Experts reckon that eating a balanced diet high in antioxidants can reduce your chance of catching the flu this winter.

Make ginseng tea part of your plan to beat flu this year

Delicious, aromatic ginseng tea is a great solution for reducing flu and cold symptoms. Include ginseng tea in your regular diet to ensure you don’t come down with pesky sniffles this year. If you’re craving some right now, why not order some ginseng, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum tea from the Original Herbal Shop?

Loads more foods to beat flu – order them on foodpanda!

Order your flu-beating supplies to stay fit and healthy. Just one tomato gives you 16 milligrams of vitamin C to maintain your body’s immune system at peak levels, while the high zinc levels in salmon can fend off sniffles in kids or adults. And, finally if you want to find the best food for flu and colds that will put a smile on anyone’s face, the antioxidants in dark chocolate could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re feeling under the weather, stock up on your immune-boosting supplies with foodpanda. Take care of yourself, wrap up warmly, and depend on foodpanda for the happiest and healthiest start to your new year.

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