Celebrate the new year Japanese-style with a decadent KFC feast

Celebrate the new year Japanese-style with a decadent KFC feast

You may not have imagined tucking into KFC for the new year, but it’s one of the fastest-growing trends around. Enjoy the new year’s various celebrations with plenty of fried chicken while savouring your prospects for the future. Sit back and learn about this tasty trend and how you can share it with your friends and family.

Welcoming the new year with the best fried chicken

People in Japan have been indulging in KFC for New Year’s Eve for almost as long as this fast-food chain has existed in the country. However, only in recent years has it become a global phenomenon. The first chicken franchise was opened in Nagoya in 1970, and four short years later, marketers launched a campaign known as ‘Kentucky for the Holidays’. This trend spread like wildfire, and before long it became common practice for the Japanese to purchase bucket loads of fried chicken to celebrate Christmas and the new year. With the recent focus on protein in diets, KFC’s chicken has become even more popular.

  • Chicken feast: If you’re entertaining a crowd, then KFC for the new year is a great idea. Order an entire meal, with enough food to feed between 4 and 8 people. Their meals contain signature KFC chicken, hot and crispy tenders, chicken nuggets and three side dishes.
  • Buddy meals: KFC is an equally great idea if you’re only going to be entertaining one guest. Their range of buddy meals keep you full all night long. These meals consist of a burger, fries, a side of chicken and a refreshing drink.
  • Individual meals: Make your next solo celebration memorable by treating yourself to KFC for New Year’s Eve. If you’re in the mood for something tasty, you’ll find it on their menu. Whether you’re craving a piece of their fried chicken or you want to mix things up with a wrap, you’ll find it on their individual meal menu. Add some coleslaw and gravy to your order for an extra tasty treat.
  • Burgers: Fortunately, you don’t need to order an entire meal at KFC if you just want a burger. Check out their à la carte menu for options such the zinger burger or traditional chicken burger. Opt for sides like mashed potatoes or fries.
  • Snacks galore: If you’d like to create a buffet spread for your guests, turn to KFC for the new year. Order all the chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken and wings your guests can handle!
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