Chinese cuisine to celebrate? Our verdict on Paradise Dynasty

Chinese cuisine to celebrate? Our verdict on Paradise Dynasty

Chinese cuisine is often the perfect food for celebrations, so we’ve taken a look at the Paradise Dynasty restaurant group and their gourmet delights.

Specialising in authentic Chinese cuisine from both the north and south of the country, Paradise Dynasty takes classic Chinese food and adds a contemporary twist. Signature dishes include their La Mian and pork bone soup, Szechuan regional fare and steamed or fried dim sum. Vegetarian and vegan diners are also covered, with many items on the menu catering to plant-based diets.

La Mian with marbled beef in Szechuan style

This classic and spicy cuisine from central China’s Sichuan province is paired with delicious, thick, wheat-flour La Mian noodles. The liberal use of garlic and chilli creates a broth of intense flavours that’s typical of the region. Tucking into this hearty dish, we slurped the spicy soup and devoured the melt-in-your-mouth marbled beef, which complemented the noodles perfectly. ​

Sliced Kurobuta pork in signature pork bone soup

The must-try dish in Paradise Dynasty is the signature pork bone soup. This bold and intense dish is made by boiling down pork bones to create a delicious meaty broth. Kurobuta pork is the ultimate addition – this fatty breed of heritage pig creates succulent, melt-in-your-mouth pork. Traditional Chinese La Mian noodles bring the dish together, soaking up the juices from the soup and adding a good amount of bite. If you order just one dish, make sure it’s the pork bone soup!

Steamed yellow croaker with fermented rice and Chinese wine

The team at Paradise Dynasty specialises in the freshest seafood, cooked to perfection – and this steamed fish dish with fermented rice and Chinese wine is no different. The tender, fresh yellow croaker provides a meaty backbone to the sweet and sour fermented rice. A dash of Chinese wine adds a little sweetness to complement the acidity in this tasty dish.

What to add on to your meal

Those looking to celebrate as a group should definitely order a selection of world-class appetisers for the table to share. To whet our whistle, we ordered black fungus in peppercorn vinaigrette, stewed bamboo in oyster sauce and Japanese cucumber in minced garlic. ​

Where you can find Paradise Dynasty

With locations across Singapore, including at Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, Suntec City Mall and Westgate, Paradise Dynasty offers a setting for everyone.

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