Top of the Town: 5 Delightful Burgers in Singapore

Top of the Town: 5 Delightful Burgers in Singapore

Some people would go as far as saying that burgers are for the food industry what Rock n’ Roll did for the music industry. No matter if you agree or not, it is hard to imagine a world without, as even the most refined cuisines, such as the Japanese, have a place for burgers. Getting hungry already? Here are some suggestions – all of which are available as delivery via foodpanda.sg.

Burger n°1 – Two Blur Guys

Two Blur Guys | foodpanda Singapore

Located on the backside of the Orchid Hotel on Tanjong Pagar Road, the Two Blur Guys burger bar is a cosy little spot for a quick beer and burger. You really can’t go wrong with craft beers on tap and a heavily creative burger selection. Longing for something juicy and fresh, I decided on eating their grilled chicken and pineapple burger filled with teriyaki sauce, a tomato slice, and a thick piece of the rich Swiss Gruyere cheese. Fresh greens and hand-cut potato wedges, including a cheese sauce, came nicely presented as sides on a wooden board.

The chicken was not over-grilled and therefore rich in taste and still very tender. The cheese and teriyaki sauce on top were forming an flavoured coating that was topped with a slightly grilled pineapple, which made to overall experience very juicy and not dry at all.

Burger n°2 – Old Boys Gallery

Old Boys Gallery | foodpanda Singapore

Fully equipped with ham, greens, a runny fried egg, and a juicy beef patty is the Manster Beef Burger at the Old Boys Gallery on Kampong Bahru Road near Outram MRT. Served with hand-cut potato fries, a small salad with a dressing as well as a mayo and ketchup dip, the burger is filling and a joy to eat. The slightly toasted but still soft sesame bun halves hold the heavy ingredient list tightly in its place. The beef patty was cooked well and sat on a bed made of a thick tomato slice and a crisp salad leaf. As the egg yolk ran all over my burger, it gave both the fried ham stripes and the beef patty a little extra coating, hiding the typical frying pan taste.

The fries on side were a nice balance between crispy outside and creamy on the inside. The small salad and its rich balsamic dressing made the entire meal well-rounded.

Burger n°3 – The Lab

The Lab | foodpanda Singapore

The Lab offers two vegan burgers, one of which is the Porto Peanut Burger, filled with a tenderly grilled Portobello mushroom, crisp onion and cucumber as well as a homemade chunky peanut sauce that reminds me very much of satay. While the texture of the burger is dominated by mushroom, the strong flavour of the peanut sauce was surely the overpowering taste. If you like satay, then you will certainly love this burger. Presented on a wooden board, the burger came also with a mix of hand-cut potato and sweet potato fries.

Burger n°4 – Potato Head Folk


Although The Roots burger at Potato Head Folk on Keong Saik Road seems at first smaller than most burgers, it is just as filling and quite an explosion of flavours. Marked as spicy on the menu, the Big Poppa ‘hot sauce’ brings out a lot of flavour and combines well with the cheese fritter and the mayonnaise. I was initially surprised to see coleslaw on the ingredient list, but I was totally convinced after the first bite. The molten cheese, coleslaw, and the two sauces combine to one magic ingredient sitting on top of the softly fried veggies.

Besides the very enjoyable mix of veggies, sauce, and cheese, I was very surprised how comforting every single bite of the burger was. Perhaps the burger is slightly smaller than others, but therefore much richer in taste and flavour.

Burger n°5 – The Burger Office

The Burger Office

Located in the Goodhill Plaza near Novena MRT, The Burger Office and its open-door concept is a comfortable hangout with burgers and beers for a chill weekend. Offering an interesting range of burgers, my hunger decided on one of their speciality burgers called Avocado Bacon with fresh iceberg lettuce at the bottom, ripe tomatoes, a beef patty, mayo and BBQ sauce as well as juicily grilled bacon strips and creamy avocado. The latter was definitely a good choice, as it really enhanced the flavour of the sauces, the beacon and the beef patty. The rocket heavy salad on the side was generously sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, offering a fresh balance to the heavy burger.

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