Dine at home on delicious cuisine from Hougang’s finest restaurants

Dine at home on delicious cuisine from Hougang’s finest restaurants

We have so many restaurants available for delivery in Hougang -how can you possibly decide which one to order from? You’ll be happy ordering from any restaurant with foodpanda, but if you need a little foodie inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our top five choices for Hougang delivery restaurants.


First up is Honguo, a unique Chinese restaurant chain based on a very special story from centuries ago. The story in question involved a hardworking scholar, his loving wife, and the Mi Xian soup she’d bring him every day on a long trek over a bridge. This dish, often known as Cross Bridge Vermicelli, is Honguo’s signature dish today. Their standard Xiu Cai Mi Xian includes rice noodles, fried meat, shrimp, eggs, fish, and a variety of vegetables, and there are two more options with even more ingredients. Alongside their speciality, this restaurant also has some delicious fried rice and noodle dishes available.

805 Seafood Kitchen

Hungry for something fresh from the sea? There’s so much to try at 805 Seafood Kitchen. If you want to try one of the dishes everyone’s raving about, their most popular offerings include pork-filled Yang Zhou Fried Rice and spicy-meets-salty Fried Sambal Kang Kong. If you enjoy being a little more adventurous in your culinary pursuits, be one of the first to try the new Hai Nan Pork Cutlet. There are also over half a dozen crab and crayfish delights on the menu, plenty of prawns, and even fish head steamboats.

Lola’s Café

When you’re at home with a hankering for something cosy and comforting, Lola’s Café has you covered. The dishes here are simple in nature, but Lola’s combines all the right flavours and seasonings to level them up. Take the Battered Fish & Chips, for example-a head above the competition thanks to the Cajun spices and passion fruit in the tartar sauce. Even the humble chicken burger has been turned into something special: the Crispy Chicken Charcoal Burger with a Brioche bun and Asian slaw.


In Japanese, the word ‘otoko’ refers to a strong man-that should give you an idea of how bold and flavoursome these Japanese curry rice dishes are. Otoko‘s main offering is their 10 varieties of donburi, from the classic Chicken Katsu Don to the tangy-sweet Salmon Teriyaki Don. Other specials to try include the delectably crispy Tori Karaage, deep fried in corn flakes with a side of rich nacho cheese.

Laila’s Kitchen

Japanese curries and seafood specials are great, but sometimes all you want is your favourite Singaporean classics from Chinese and Malay cuisine. When you do, look no further than Laila’s Kitchen. They serve Roti John in every flavour you could ask for, as well as the best Mee Goreng and Nasi Goreng. This is one of the ideal restaurants available for delivery in Hougang when you want a quick and filling meal.

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