Discover KFC’s ever-popular fast food menu

Discover KFC’s ever-popular fast food menu

Nobody does delicious, fast food better than the Colonel Sanders team at your local KFC. That’s because this popular diner and takeout has been serving fried chicken since 1930, when Colonel Harland Sanders first took over his local petrol filling station and diner in Kentucky. Creating fast, fried chicken meals to secret recipes he’d learnt from his mother, it’s unsurprising that the KFC brand became such a huge hit. You can take a quick peek at the entire food menu online, but here’s our take on some of the most popular meals and foods in Singapore at this moment.

Fast food meals and deals from your local KFC

If you need to grab a quick bite, the KFC Super Value meals are certain to hit the spot. With a drink included, these $5 meals include veggie Shroom Burgers,  and Rice or Potato Bowl Meals. Sharing buckets offer a feast for all,  while tasty chicken burgers are also a surefire hit with customers of all ages.  You’ll always find something new to try at this diner, including their Summer 2019 Lime Froyo, a deliciously refreshing citrus flavoured frozen yogurt containing probiotics for optimal gut health. This Froyo joins the menu line up of 98% fat-free Froyo desserts, which also includes chilled yogurt with Oreo or Fruit Loops topping.

What are the most popular meals?

Whether you’re hosting a movie night for friends or family, or simply can’t face cooking up a meal, the Family Feast Meals and Chicken Buckets at KFC are the ideal sharer meal to order in. You’ll get plenty of scrumptious American fried chicken legs or thighs with these Chicken Bucket meal deals, and can then order in the sides you prefer. Take time to browse the entire KFC menu online to find tasty meal choices to suit your needs. Great offers and regular deals are some of the reasons this diner has remained so popular over the years! What’s more, if you skip breakfast and start to feel a little peckish on arrival at the office, a tasty Chicken, Ham and Cheese Meltz or Original Porridge Meal will supply all the energy needed to keep you operating at full steam until lunch.

KFC restaurants are on hand at the times you need them

Singapore outlets are open from 8:00 am daily, and close between 10:00 pm and 10:30pm.  This means you know you can always rely on your local diner for your favourite chicken dishes, rice bowls, burgers, and snacks at the times you need to grab a bite. This restaurant believes in fast food with a smile, so you won’t wait long for your meal; whether you’re eating in, taking out, or ordering delivery.

Find out more online

You can discover more about the Colonel Sanders story, Food Philosophy, and Open Kitchen visits on their website.

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