Celebrating 4th July with hotdogs

Celebrating 4th July with hotdogs

What is it about the salty snap of a hot dog that appeals to consumers? Hot dog is one of those quirky looking foods that has become an international icon and a favourite fast food associated with America. It is easy to eat, making it a quick meal, but also ideal finger food that is filling and delicious.  

Origin of Hot Dogs

Hot dogs were brought to the USA by German immigrants. First sold as street food, its affordability quickly made it as popular as chicken wings with the people. Over the years, hot dogs have even become the go-to snack at sporting events such as baseball games.

Aside from a soft bun that is made from flour and water, the hot dog itself is made from either beef, pork or a combination of both meats. The spices that are added to the hot dogs give different flavours to the hot dogs and they often include paprika, garlic, pepper and an assortment of herbs. 

Casing is another crucial element in a hotdog. Usually, the small intestines of sheep are used as natural casings to hold the ground up meat together. The casing is the thing that gives the crunchy snap to the hot dogs. There are also skinless hot dogs for people who do not like hot dogs in casings. However many often argue that skinless hot dogs are not as delicious.  

Common toppings for hot dogs include sauerkraut and mustard, but you can also add on relish, onions, chili, cheese and ketchup. While most buns are long and tube-shaped to hold the hot dogs, you can have your hot dogs in brioche buns, potato buns or even baguettes. 


For non-meat eaters, there are vegan hot dogs available to satiate the irresistible hot dog craving. For the epicure, restaurants have come up with gourmet hot dogs to attract foodies. 

A good side dish to eat with hot dogs is coleslaw, and it is always tasty when you pair hot dogs with lemonade or carbonated drinks because these drinks will cut through the grease and saltiness, which means you can eat more hot dogs.

If you go to New York, you will hear names such as Gray’s Papaya, Papaya King, Crif Dogs, and Nathan’s Famous. Somehow a day out to Coney Island will not be complete without snacking on some hot dogs. Not only have some of these hot dogs brands appeared in pop culture, the restaurants and stands are frequented by tourists and locals alike. Hot dogs have indeed achieved an iconic status in the food world.

The allure of hot dogs is so great that hot dog eating competitions are organized to celebrate this humble yet tasty dish! The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a renowned event. Held on Coney Island each year on Independence Day, people come from all over the world to compete. In fact, contestants like Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi have achieved fame for winning this competition multiple times. In 2011, the longest hot dog was created in Paraguay. In June 2019, the world’s largest hot dog was recorded to be made in Coney Island. From a simple street food brought to the United States by immigrants to making it onto the Guinness World Record, people throughout generations have shown just how much they love hot dogs.  

Where to eat hot dogs in Singapore?

foodpanda recommends Hafu Dog in Tanjong Pagar. The variety of Hot Dogs can look quite impressive as they are culturally inspired (Mexican Chicken Sausage Hotdog, Banh Bao Vietnamese Hotdog, Japanese-style Hotdog and many more!). For further American food, you can still discover our humble selection of US cuisine restaurants available for delivery.

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