Dish of the day: Butter Chicken

Dish of the day: Butter Chicken

There is a saying that there are 3 types of foodies in this vast universe – those who are in love with Butter Chicken, those who believe that Butter Chicken is slightly overrated and those who have not had this dish in their lifetime. Obviously, our heart goes out to the third kind as we believe that they are a deprived lot. You simply cannot live in this world without tasting Butter Chicken even once!

The dish looks awesome and the taste is simply heavenly. It will not be wrong to assert that Butter Chicken can fight head-on (or off, actually) against tandoori chicken for the coveted popularity title. Yes, you read it right. Many people speak of Tandoori Chicken and Butter chicken in the same breath when asked about their favourite Indian dishes.

The History of Butter Chicken

There was a shop in Peshawar (Pakistan) known as Mukhey da Dhaba which was owned by a gentleman called Mokha Singh. K.L.Gujral worked here and he was the man behind the invention of Tandoori Chicken. Yes, it seems that Mr.Gujral knew about chickens better than anyone else in this world apart from, perhaps, Colonel Sanders. But as the health of Mokha Singh gradually deteriorated, the shop was bought over by Gujral and rechristened it as Moti Mahal.

After inventing the Tandoori  Chicken, Gujral gradually realized that chickens hanging on the long sheeks above the clay oven would eventually dry out if they remain unsold. He then chanced upon an idea to create a basic gravy of butter, dollops of cream and tomatoes along with some spices. He would then immerse the pieces of Tandoori Chicken in this gravy so that it gets the moisture back and become fit for consumption again. In the process, he actually invented the Butter Chicken. 

After the partition of the country, Gujral decided to move to Delhi and opened a small outlet in Darya Ganj by the name of Moti Mahal. Needless to say, the recipes of both Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken went with him. This small outlet grew very fast and today it is a chain of restaurants running successfully.   

What makes Butter Chicken so special?

The sheer exoticness of this dish lies in the perfect balance of texture and sweetness. One may get the balance wrong and you will end up with a version that is very spicy or sweet. Many critics believe that almost 80% of the dishes of Butter Chicken that are served across the world are nowhere near the original. But people still love it in whatever manner they are prepared. 

Variations of Butter Chicken

Today you will come across various variations of butter chicken and they come in different forms too. One can find Butter Chicken tacos, pizzas, biryani, burgers, rolls et al. Critics will surely frown upon these unnecessary extensions of the product. But if you believe in evolution then you will fall in love with all these variations.

Mr.Gujral created history when he invented butter chicken but if he had not experimented on those days then we would not have got Tandoori Chicken or Butter Chicken. So experimentation is always welcome and we will wait for the creation of another historical dish in days to come. 

Butter Chicken in Singapore

Yes, there is no need to shed tears as Butter Chicken is easily available in lots of restaurants in Singapore. As you take a walk down the famous Orchard Road, you will come across many Indian restaurants that serve this delectable dish.

But after a day’s shopping or your hectic office schedule, you may not like the idea of going to a restaurant and having your food. We suggest you go home, take the help of technology by opening the foodpanda app and order a plate of butter chicken with Naan or peas pulao.

Try Al Sahira Restaurant on Ang Mo Kio Avenue as Butter Chicken comes for only SGD 6.30 here but their USP is the quantity. It is enough for two people. But if you are unable to finish it off then you can alway’s call us and we would be happy to share your Butter Chicken and Naan! Find many more restaurants offering Butter Chicken on foodpanda!

Article Written By sanhita

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