Event Diaries: Maki-san & Sundown Marathon

Event Diaries: Maki-san & Sundown Marathon

We love events. Luckily we in Singapore have such world class examples as The Arts Festival and the F1 Grand Prix, along with a whole host of smaller festivals, . But even for us event aficionados, the foodpanda team has been busy recently with two cracking examples in the last week alone. First, we teamed up with Maki-san Singapore and hosted a sushi-making masterclass. Next, we headed over to the Sundown Marathon 2015 to set up our foodpanda village. Here’s what went down:

1 | Maki-san

For those not in the know, Maki-San sushi offer some of the most innovative and fun Japanese cuisine you’re likely to find anywhere (including Japan). On the Maki-San menu are some classic house sushis with catchy names: Salmon Says, Gone Fishing and panda favourite Keep On Shrimpin’. But the big draw with Maki-San is yet to come.

They offer customisable sushi (or D.I.Y. as they call it) – giving you the choice of wrap, rice, sauce and some really quite varied ingredients. Sure, designing your own pizza or choosing sandwich salad at Subway is normality, but sushi is something else. If you ever wondered what crunchy jellyfish, olive and parmesan in a maki roll ever tasted like, then Maki-San is the place for you.

They have 2 locations in Singapore – @ The Katong and @ The Cathay. We headed to the The Katong branch for our foodpanda and Maki-San sushi masterclass to let brave local food bloggers try their hands at making panda-themed Maki Roll. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks (or the experts make it look).

Sushi delivery

For more event pictures, check out the hashtag #rollwithfoodpanda on Instagram.

Makisan foodpanda

Makisan Singapore
The foodpanda team are split on whether this panda sushi is cute or whether the panda’s vacant, warped expression is actually quite terrifying. What do you think?

2 | Sundown Marathon 2015

Asia’s biggest night time marathon returns to Singapore, bringing together almost 30,000 aspirational Usain Bolts competing for the coveted finisher’s t-shirt and medal. First contested in 2008, the Sundown Marathon Singapore includes a variety of competitions – the 5km fun run, 10km race, the 4 x 10km team event, a half-marathon and for the obsessively-fit, the full 42km marathon.

This year, foodpanda were afforded the huge privilege of being a part of the Sundown with our foodpanda village stationed right next to the finishing line. We dished up delicious treats and goodies from some of our top vendors including Dosirak delivery, Nara Thai Indian Cuisine, Old Hong Kong Kitchen delivery, Maki-San delivery and Kombi Rocks. Is there a better way to celebrate finishing a marathon?
Sundown Marathon Singapore

Sundown Marathon foodpanda village

Sundown Marathon food
Our foodpanda village featured a solid variety of cuisines from some of our top vendors including: Dosirak delivery, Nara Thai Indian Cuisine, Old Hong Kong Kitchen delivery, Maki-San delivery and Kombi Rocks. That’s all for now folks, but not to worry because we have plenty more events in Singapore coming our way here at foodpanda.

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