Everything you need to know about Pizza Hut

Everything you need to know about Pizza Hut

Pizza lovers will adore the amazing range and value for money obtained from every visit to Pizza Hut. This American-owned Italian inspired diner has been around since the late 1950s and is a global phenomenon that’s taken the pizza eating world by storm. When you don’t want to waste time cooking up a feast for family and friends, one quick order to your favourite local pizza delivery restaurant handles everything and your delicious pizza, pasta, or Hot Deals Meal will soon be winging its way over!

About the Pizza Hut menu

Pizza Hut prides itself on offering customers the best services, at the finest discounts. Kids eat free here; so when your children are kicking up a riot at home you’ll find it easy to restore peace and quiet once they’re tucking into their favourite pizzas! Some of the most popular include:

  • The Four Cheese Special Bullet Seafood DeLuxe complete with squid, tuna, and prawns
  • BBQ Chunky Chicken

What else does Pizza Hut serve?

In addition to the full line up of pizzas, you’ll discover a range of pasta dishes including Spicy Chicken Pomodoro and Beef Lasagne. Sides include chicken Pop, garlic bread, and Sweet ‘n Spicy Chicken drumsticks.  A couple of rice dishes round off the popular Singapore Pizza Hut menu, such as Curry Zazzle Baked Rice and Creamy Seafood Baked Rice.  With a range of delicious desserts to tempt the most sated appetite, and soft drinks alongside alcoholic beverages, this restaurant is the perfect eatery for sharing meals with buddies or ordering in take outs to feed a large group. Plenty of money-saving coupons and Flash Sales on the site mean there are always bargains on offer at Pizza Hut, too!

What about vegetarian and vegan meals?

The popularity of veggie and vegan meals is hitting all the restaurant chains, and Pizza Hut is no exception. It’s always been possible to source vegetarian pizza at this chain, and they’re slowly moving into vegan meals, too. For example, salad and soup are regular menu items. You can discover more about the nutritional content of all meals on the brand’s website.

How do I arrange delivery?

Ordering takeout pizza or delivery is easy with Pizza Hut and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you’ve placed your order you can track it online, too. So you’ll know the minute your steaming meal is taken out of the oven and exactly when it left the restaurant for onward delivery.

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