Flawless steaks and tasty desserts? Checking out Pepper Lunch

Flawless steaks and tasty desserts? Checking out Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a popular Japanese fusion restaurant, offering fast food cooked just the way you like it. You can combine a variety of menu options to create your own special meal deal or choose dishes from the A La Carte menu. Wagyu steak is normally very expensive and it’s not available elsewhere in Singapore. This steak is a cross between popular Aberdeen Angus beef and Japanese Wagyu beef cattle and has a succulent tenderness that is a really gastronomic experience for beef steak lovers.  If you haven’t dined at this venue before, the foodpanda team has been out to the venue to check out the reasons their sizzling steaks, sides, and desserts are attracting so much attention from Singaporeans right now…

About Pepper Lunch

There are several Pepper Lunch restaurants in Singapore, so you’re sure to find a venue close by, whether you want to dine out or plan to order in a delivery of tasty Japanese dishes. If you’re in a hurry check out the Express menu, which is absolutely ideal for a quick, healthy meal if you’re at work or out and about.

Japanese dishes

When you crave classic Japanese dishes, this venue meets all your expectations, and more….. Opt for salmon or beef Sukiyaki, or traditional Teriyaki dishes, alongside your choice of side and a drink and benefit from special meal deal prices. Sides include mashed potato, Miso soup, or Shake Shake salads. Alternatively, why not try out a Teppan Pasta meal?

Steak dishes

Premium steak is a byword at Pepper Lunch, whether you’re craving tender beefsteak or cubes of prime beef. The restaurant continually seeks to add new dishes to the menu, including festive Christmas Rib Eye Steak Special Meals and US style Wagyu Steaks, which are one of their autumn/winter specials. You can opt for a regular steak, or if you’re really hungry why not order a Jumbo steak? These steaks are delicious when combined with rice, as all the meat juices soak into the fluffy rice. The steaks at this restaurant are a truly affordable meal option, ideal for families or large groups looking for tender and succulent steak at the best prices. What’s more, you can also add a dessert to your meal deal at Pepper Lunch, making this a satisfying fast food restaurant that really hits the spot.

Pepper Lunch desserts

There are a variety of desserts offered on the standard menu at this restaurant, alongside seasonal specials which change on a regular basis. You can opt for a variety of different ice creams with toppings, or the current special dessert which is a yummy, creamy chocolate tiramisu soft serve. Drift off to Italy with this Pepper Lunch twist on the Italian classic. Let your spoon sink into the soft marscarpone cheese, cookie crumble and chocolate sauce and experience dessert heaven!

Order your meals at foodpanda

Order in your Pepper Lunch meals from foodpanda if you want to try out Wagyu steak but don’t have time to visit the venue. You know you can rely on us to deliver your steaming food to you, no matter where you happen to be!

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