Food Trend: Probiotics

Food Trend: Probiotics

Gut health has been a topic that is effervescing on the international food scene and this is definitely going to be a trend to look out for.

Fermented food has gained popularity over the last few years, given its intensity in flavour as well as the benefits which probiotics bring. These good bacteria which are found in fermented food items can boost immunity, improve digestion, and even help to maintain a healthy weight.

Go for Yoghurt

Yoghurt is probably the most well-known source of probiotics for many of us. High in protein and calcium, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals. Go for unsweetened natural yoghurt if possible to get the most benefits. You can also choose low-fat yoghurt for an even healthier option. 

While most people might instantly think of yoghurt at the mention of probiotics, we forget that certain savoury food also contains these good bacteria. 

Spice it up with Kimchi

Fans of Korean cuisine will be delighted to know that the famous spicy fermented cabbage, kimchi, is rich in probiotics. So feel free to indulge in kimchi when you go for Korean barbecue. For those who favour food takeouts, you can include a kimchi dish the next time you order from your favourite Korean restaurant. Places like Don Dae Bak, Seoul Yummy and Omoomodon offer delivery service and they all feature kimchi dishes in their menus. 

The power of Sauerkraut

The German cousin of kimchi has got to be sauerkraut, which is cabbage fermented with salt. Sauerkraut not only offers ample dose of fiber, but it also contains probiotics. Fans of currywurst sausages and crispy pork knuckles from Brotzeit can now balance out the calories with a side order of tangy sauerkraut without feeling guilty. 


Who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? It is clean-tasting, delectable and nutritious. Miso is an ingredient that is frequently used in Japanese cooking and it is packed with probiotics. The next time you eat Japanese food, go beyond sushi and sashimi. Add miso soup to your meal for some healthy goodness. 

Awesome Tempeh

There are many benefits of eating vegetarian food. Now you can add probiotics to the list. Tempeh, which is a fermented soy product, is a fantastic plant-based protein that is has a nutty flavour. Not only does it contain essential amino acids, but the probiotics found in tempeh are an added bonus. 

Cool it down with Kefir

If eating probiotics is not your thing, you can drink it too. Kefir is renowned for its benefits as a fermented milk drink that is refreshing, slightly sour yet creamy. In addition to the probiotics you get, kefir is a healthy source of calcium and protein. Kefir is also a great beverage to accompany spicy food as it tones down the heat from the spices.

Drinking “scoby” in Kombucha

For something less hefty yet still deliciously healthy, kombucha is another probiotic drink that is rising in popularity. Fermented from sweetened tea and a “scoby”, which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts”, this slightly fizzy beverage can be sweetened to replace soft drinks while giving you a boost of antioxidants and probiotics

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