From dosas to superb sambars: Exploring Pattukottai cuisine

From dosas to superb sambars: Exploring Pattukottai cuisine

Pattukottai cuisine refers to the unique style of cooking common in the Tamil region of India. These dishes are characterised by vibrant spices and mouth-watering textures, but there’s more to this style of cuisine than you might realise. Get ready to learn about it so you’ll be fully aware of what to expect before you treat your friends and loved ones to a delicious meal from a Pattukottai restaurant.

How to eat like a real Pattukottai local

Usually, the first meal of the day in Pattukottai cuisine is kept rather light. These meals are comprised of potato pancakes or dumplings served with savoury yoghurts and a light soup. Typically, this is washed down with a steaming cup of chai. The afternoon meal in Pattukottai cuisine is just as light as the first but generally consists of a wider variety of dishes. Locals in the region usually snack on leftovers from the night before or order themselves a light meal from their closest street food vendor. Once the day’s work is done, you can expect to tuck into a large meal consisting of curry, meat and rice dishes. These are generally flavoured with cardamom, turmeric, dried chilli and a variety of other authentic Indian spices.

Fast facts about this type of cuisine

Here are the essential foundations of eating.

  • The main meal of the day is usually served on a banana leaf and the order in which the food is served is important.
  • Once the meal has been consumed, the banana leaves are given to the cattle as feed.
  • People who live in this region of India believe that serving food is an important part of remaining humble.
  • Vegetarian cuisine is an important aspect of this type of cooking and diners can expect to find a large number of lentils and other legumes in these meals.

Delectable dishes you need to try

Tasty dishes that are the best to power-up your day.

  • Sambar: This is one of the most iconic dishes in this type of cuisine. It’s a type of soup made with lentils, spices and other flavourings. This includes mango, coconut and other fruits.
  • Chicken Chettinad: Curried chicken cooked until tender in a savoury sauce, this dish is the perfect accompaniment to fluffy white rice.
  • Idli: These round spheres resemble soft white bread rolls but are made from ground rice and white lentils. These are then formed into cakes and baked until set. These are a popular option for breakfast and taste great when dipped in a sweet or savoury sauce.
  • Dosa: These are a type of thin, crispy pancake. They’re cooked in a large pan and filled with a savoury potato or meat filling. Once ready, they are served with a sambar and coconut chutney.

Other interesting dishes to try

Enticing dishes that aren’t very well-known but are well worth trying.

  • Uttapam: The dosa’s attractive cousin, this delectable dish consists of an open pancake topped with peppers, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables with a tomato or coconut chutney.
  • Vada: These are the savoury doughnuts of your dreams. A light batter is spiced with herbs like coriander before being deep-fried into crispy perfection. They are then served with sambars and chutneys to make the ultimate lunchtime treat.
  • Rasam: This aromatic soup is considered to be the perfect comfort food for those recovering from a cold. Filled with cumin, tomatoes and coriander, it’s also a great side dish for a spicy curry.

Try this cuisine today

Treat yourself to an authentic Pattukottai cuisine experience at Pattokottai Cuisine restaurant. Alternatively, you could head over to Saravanaa Bhavan for a tasty dosa.

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