From duct-taped bananas to Campbell’s Soup – how art and food combine

From duct-taped bananas to Campbell’s Soup – how art and food combine

Does a duct-taped banana qualify as art? While many of us identify valuable works of arts as Rembrandt-level drawings or Picasso-esque murals, some modern artists have perfected the use of food to express their artistic prowess.

How art and food combine

Andy Warhol was one of the biggest artists to popularise the use of food in art. His 1962 work, the classic Campbell’s Soup Cans, perfectly combines art and food. That pop art masterpiece now hangs in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

More recently, Maurizio Cattelan took things to another level. In December 2019, he exhibited a duct-taped banana at a gallery in Miami, Florida. The work was supposed to sell for $120,000. Instead, it ended up in the stomach of a famished patron and local artist, David Datuna. In the spirit of art and food coming together, here are five tasty foods to check out.

  • Banana Blossom Starfruit Salad: Combining the sweetness of banana with the health benefits of starfruit, this yummy delight will keep your palate satisfied. This beautifully prepared meal is fresh, tasty and sour, and gives your buds an exhilarating kick. If you love the goodness of nature, the golden flavour of honey and the unique taste of palm sugar, don’t miss this salad. Check it out at Paper Rice.
  • Basil Sambal Rice: This delicious chilli-based meal is filling, tasty and nutritious. It comes with a hefty dose of Malay and Thai ingredients, including fresh garlic, kaffir lime leaf, crushed galangal and lemongrass. Pair it with diced meat, cooked rice, soy sauce and a topping of fried eggs and cilantro for a taste of heaven. If you’re feeling famished right now, sample the dish at Thunder Tea Rice.
  • Bak Kwa Jerky: Featuring sliced pork, fish sauce, soy sauce and ground white pepper, this protein-heavy snack will leave you smacking your lips with delight. Whether it’s a standalone treat or as a gift for friends, this yummy Chinese delicacy looks and tastes exceptional anytime. If you’re worried about the sweet taste, it’s all-natural! Feeling hungry? Head to Mr Bean for a hunger-busting plate of tasty Bąk Kwa jerky.
  • Fish Head Curry: If you crave comfort food, this traditional cuisine will surely scintillate your taste buds. Featuring a base of coconut milk, vegetables and red snapper fish, its sweet-sour edge makes it a savoury delight. Muthu’s Curry is one of the best places to enjoy this meal!
  • Mée Siam: This popular Singaporean dish is rich in fibre and protein, and it’s super-Instagramable. It combines vermicelli and a light gravy with a side of boiled eggs, vegetables, meat and other ingredients. Johnson Eatery serves excellent Mée Siam with Mee Rebus and peanut porridge.
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