Japanese cuisine 101: Healthy Onigiri Rice Ball Recipe

Japanese cuisine 101: Healthy Onigiri Rice Ball Recipe

I am no cooking expert but I enjoy making simple snacks and treats therefore I thought maybe I’ll share a simple recipe where you can enjoy making. I got my shape cutters from Daiso, cheap and very cute! I even bought the sushi Japanese soya sauce and seaweed from Daiso! They have everything I tell you!
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What you need

Japanese Rice (I cooked 2 cups and made 8 big onigiri and 3 small ones)

1 Vinegar (daiso)
2 Salt
3 Seaweed (1 packet is enough)
4 Scissors
5 Onigiri mould (daiso)
6 Hotdog + Ketchup (you can choose your favourite ingredients too)
7 Crabmeat + Japanese sweet mayo
8 Seaweed shape cutters (daiso daiso daiso)

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The onigiri mould is pretty easy to use; scoop 2-3 tablespoon of rice into mould, use the back of the spoon to press gently onto rice to make it flat, scoop some of your ingredients onto the center of the mould, scoop more rice, enough to cover your ingredients and with the back of your spoon, press gently onto rice to make it flat. Lastly, using the mould cover, exert pressure to compact the rice.

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Here comes my favourite part, decorating the onigiri! Unleash the creativity in you and let the scissors do all the cutting! Hahaa With that, I created Mr Mimi-yan aka Mr Small Eyes, Bunny Masked Hero, Starry Sunnies, Ms Megastar and more. Even the mister couldn’t stop laughing!

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Hope you’ll have fun creating your delicious onigiri too! Till then…

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