Ghost Riders Ready To Roll

Ghost Riders Ready To Roll

Halloween is nearly here, so get ready for the ghouls and zombies to make their rounds. Speaking of ghouls, what fun would it be if we didn’t join in on the scare fest? Introducing our Ghost Riders!

Halloween in Singapore
Our spooky riders begin their rounds next week from the 26 to 31st October!

From the 26-30, the Ghost Riders will be making four deliveries per day. If you are lucky enough to have your food delivered by this ghostly encounter, you will win a $40 voucher to be used on your next order!

foodpanda Ghost Riders

On 31st October, the actual day of Halloween in Singapore, we’ll be having multiple Ghost Riders deliver for the entire day! To up your chances of a ghostly encounter, keep ordering through the week.

ghost riders gif

Also, if you happen to spot one of our Ghosts around, take a picture for Instagram! Tag us and you might win a $10 voucher.

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