Go beyond basic beans – Hidden edamame eating secrets from the pros.

Go beyond basic beans – Hidden edamame eating secrets from the pros.

Edamame is becoming increasingly popular with Western foodies due to its low calories and surprising health benefits. If you’re wondering how to eat edamame and ways to combine these immature soybeans into gourmet dishes, this short guide provides some useful answers.

Edamame snacks

Edamame is a great snack, particularly if you’re feeling peckish at work. They’ve typically been offered to diners in Japanese restaurants for centuries, but edamame beans can be found in most supermarkets now. Although most people eat the beans straight from the pod, they’re absolutely delicious when baked with parmesan cheese. You can bag up your homemade and crispy edamame snacks to retain freshness and you’ll always have delicious, nutritious bites to hand for work, the cinema or while on the go!

Quick veggie stir fry

Vegetarians will adore a delicious edamame and tofu stir fry. This healthy meal is packed with calcium and protein and can be made in just a few minutes. If you’re in a real hurry for your meal or craving edamame while you’re at work, why not order in the tofu and edamame bowl meal from GoMama? You’ll discover lots more delicious soya bean dishes on the menu at GoMama, and we’ll rush your steaming hot meals straight to your door!

Edamame desserts

Edamame beans are just as wonderful in desserts! You can easily make edamame ice creams and cheesecakes, and the beans add a rich flavour to these sweet treats. The great thing about these beans is they absorb the flavours of ingredients they’re mixed with. What’s more, they’re surprisingly healthy and offer loads of benefits. If you’ve always wondered how to eat edamame and never experimented with different recipes, now is definitely the time to try! Alternatively, check out the Cedele carrot cake if you want to try a dessert featuring edamame. This moist, yummy carrot cake is just one of the delicious chilled cakes on the extensive Cedele menu.

Top SG edamame restaurants

Our pick of some of the best edamame restaurants Singapore has to offer includes The Sushi Bar, which serves a delicious and healthy edamame and veggie salad, and En Sakaba at the Capital Tower, which is renowned for its edamame and beef truffle carpaccio starter. Discover more top-secret edamame cuisine delights on foodpanda today!

Benefits of edamame beans

Edamame beans can be found in grocery stores around the world. You can buy them fresh, frozen or shelled. Nutritionists are still weighing up all the benefits of these beans. Vegetarians and vegans have long appreciated the protein benefits of these beans, which often become the mainstay of any regular diet. Some additional advantages that have been cited are that they can help lower cholesterol and deal with diabetes. What’s quite certain, however, is that they are high in protein, minerals and vitamins. So, keep some in your store cupboard, because you don’t need to ask how to eat edamame any longer!

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