Healthy and warming pea soup

Healthy and warming pea soup

Healthy and warming pea soup?  It’s possible that as a child you refused to eat peas or even any healthy veggie-based meals. Nowadays you recognise the value of eating for health and wellness, though. In addition, increasing numbers of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians have realised just how delicious plant-based meals can be. Pea soup is no exception and there are lots of wonderful recipes for this simple dish, offering you options for flavouring and texture. What’s more, the humble pea is now being grown for its protein content and could even replace soya beans as the top protein additive for foods and drinks.  

Health benefits of pea soup

Pea soup is packed with nutritional value, providing you with a daily dose of essential Vitamin A, calcium and potassium. It also helps lower cholesterol; just one bowl of soup supplies 5g of essential fibre, which is not only good for your bowels but also helps control levels of blood sugar. In addition, pea soup provides 10% of your magnesium requirements for the day and boosts iron levels in the body. Iron helps you produce the red blood cells that are essential for good health. Some more facts about peas and their value in different soups include:

  • Peas can help cut risks of heart disease and diabetes and are a great addition to any diet that features high levels of legumes. 
  • The manufacture of pea protein additives doesn’t require any additional chemicals.
  • Peas are easy to grow, and farmers like the fact they add nitrogen to the soil, which increases its richness and value.

Ways to make this soup

How long is a piece of string? There are so many different recipes for pea soup that it is difficult to know where to start. Like all soups, the one thing they have in common is they need heating and some ingredients may need to be fried in a little oil before being added to the soup. 

Pea soup can be a hearty meal at all times of day. One of the great beauties of soups and making your own broths is that a few simple ingredients can make a full pan so it’s ideal for sharing with friends and family or can be chilled and eaten throughout the week. Soup is always nice to eat with a little bread, and, of course, you can eat soup on the go. You just need to fill a flask with warm soup and can take your healthy meal along to work or any leisure activities.

Soup miscellaneous

Check our recent post on Pho Soup to find out more about popular local soups. Fog used to be common in the city of London, and typically thick, yellow fog or smog was often known as a pea-souper!

There are lots more reasons to choose healthy pea soup as a go-to snack or meal option.  

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