How gravity cakes defy physics to add magic to children’s parties

How gravity cakes defy physics to add magic to children’s parties

Gravity cake is the hottest new food trend to hit our streets. Perfect for celebrations for both children and adults alike, this cake is sure to be the yummy centre of your next big event. We share its sweet secrets that are bound to leave you salivating for a slice.

A showstopper among cakes

Due to the increasing popularity of birthday cake decoration, bakers around the world have been challenging themselves to bust the boundaries when it comes to cake design. The gravity cake is the result of increased innovation in the baking world as well as significant advances in the production of aids designed to make cake decoration easier. Typically, a gravity cake is designed to intrigue the onlooker as the elements involved create the illusion that certain aspects are suspended in the air without any support. This creates a sense of interest in those viewing the cake, leading to an increased desire to sample it and discover the secrets behind its dramatic appearance.

The creative process of making a gravity cake

Usually, a gravity cake starts its life in the same manner as most other baked treats. The sponge part of this cake is baked with butter, flour, eggs and sugar. Once the cake is removed from the oven it is coated in buttercream frosting. A dowel rod will be inserted into a specific portion of the cake and a candy wrapper will be stuck to the end using buttercream. The baker will then coat the exposed dowel rod with buttercream and attach individual pieces of candy on to the dowel until it is coated entirely. This will create the impression that the candy is cascading from the package onto the beautifully decorated cake. The baker will often include an additional puddle of candy on the base of the dowel to add to the overall illusion.

What to order with your cake

There are a number of accompaniments that can be ordered with your gravity cake. All these sides can improve your experience without overwhelming the main star of the show. The first thing to consider is the type of drink you’ll be serving with your cake. Typically, a strong cup of coffee is the best friend of most slices of cake. However, you can also opt for a glass of milk or a cup of tea on the side. Another great option to enjoy with a slice of cake is something that will counterbalance the sweetness. Small sandwiches or pastries are a practical and delicious option.

Where can you get one of these cakes?

If you’re interested in treating your family to a breathtaking gravity cake, be sure to take advantage of the wide range of foodpanda bakeries that offer delivery in your area.

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