How matcha tiramisu has added an eastern spin to an Italian classic

How matcha tiramisu has added an eastern spin to an Italian classic

Tiramisu is the classic Italian dessert that has achieved recognition throughout the world. Some recipes use alcohol, but coffee has always been one of the main ingredients of traditional tiramisu. Move over Italian tiramisu, there’s a new kid on the block nowadays, and if you haven’t tried matcha tiramisu yet, then it’s time to learn more. You’ll discover lots of Instagram and social media images depicting the stunning beauty of matcha tiramisu online, and we’re going to take a look at this latest Singapore food trend in more detail below.

About matcha tiramisu

  • Matcha tea is renowned for its health-giving properties. So, this green and white layered dessert is not only delicious and pretty!
  • Powdered matcha is best for tiramisu and you can opt for the affordable baking quality if you prefer, although you may want to use premium matcha in homemade tiramisu desserts if you already keep it in the store cupboard.
  • Matcha tea originated in Japan and is commonly used for traditional tea ceremonies. The dried tea leaves are ground by hand and premium quality matcha tea blends are named by their Japanese masters of tea tradition and can cost up to US $100 or more per 100g. Perhaps you should give these a miss in your matcha tiramisu?

Ways to make matcha tiramisu

The good news for all home bakers is that traditional tiramisu is a really easy, no-bake dessert. You just need to follow a few simple steps and make your dessert at least a day before eating, as this allows all the flavours to infuse.  For matcha tiramisu, all the same luxury ingredients are needed, apart from the strong coffee and perhaps the dark chocolate, as these tastes are replaced by matcha tea. You can also add your chosen alcohol to this delicious dessert to make it even yummier!

How do I eat matcha tiramisu?

Make your tiramisu in a large serving tray or bowl that is ok to put in the chiller or prepare individual tiramisu desserts in transparent beakers or bowls. This way your dessert will achieve the best visual impact. Simply slice larger desserts and serve on plates or bowls, or serve individual desserts, when needed. Your homemade tiramisu will last at least 48 hours if kept in the fridge or chiller. The longer it’s chilled, the better it tastes!

Can I get this tiramisu in local restaurants?

The craze for matcha tiramisu is taking off in Singapore. You’ll find this delicious dessert at Maccha House, Kyushu Pancake CafeNana’s Green Tea, and more… We’re proud to provide you with all the hottest foodie trends in Singapore and internationally in our magazine and on the foodpanda website!

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