How to create a traditional Deepavali sweets selection

How to create a traditional Deepavali sweets selection

Also known as Diwali, this holiday is a celebration of the power of good over evil; and also the start of the New Year in India. There are lots of great reasons to create a selection of traditional Deepavali sweets at all times of year, as these delicious delicacies are a real treat for friends and family. If you’re Hindu or Sikh, however, your Diwali sweets will be of critical importance for your festivities and to use as gifts.

Create a traditional Deepavali sweets selection

The foodpanda team is always looking out for the hottest seasonal trends and best foods for celebrations and events. We don’t have any magazine posts or recipes for Diwali sweets online at this moment, but we do appreciate that part of the fun of getting ready for any gathering or important festival is making dishes yourself. Our selection of some of the most popular Deepavali sweets includes halwa, kheer, gulab jamun, boondi ladoo, and kaju katli, and more details follow:

  • Deepavali is a time when people unite; this traditional Festival of Lights takes place over several days and involves various rites and traditions. This includes thoroughly cleaning the home and creating rangoli decorations and light displays.
  • Kaju katli sweets have a delicious, smooth texture and are traditionally made with powdered cashews and sugar. This recipe can be quite difficult when you prepare these sweets for the first time, as kaju katli is a type of fudge; so achieving the right consistency can be hard. Heating the sugar too much can result in a toffee-like texture and caramelised taste.
  • Whether you’re celebrating Deepavali with family or friends in 2019, sweets will be integral to your festivities. It’s normal practice to give sweets to neighbours and business colleagues. Creating your Diwali sweets selection will mean offering your guests a diverse selection of popular sweets. You can often buy gift-wrapped boxes of sweets for Deepavali, but did you know that many of your favourite Singapore restaurants and takeaways also offer a selection of popular Indian sweets?

Some of our favourite Indian restaurants that deliver sweets

You may need to work on 27/28 October 2019; and perhaps you’d like to share a delicious selection of Diwali sweets with colleagues? Maybe you’re far too busy to make your own sweets, so want to order popular ones for delivery to your home or a friend’s place? No matter, if you’re located in Tampines North the Raj Restaurant can quickly deliver Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai from their standard menu and they’re sure to be offering some additional delights for Deepavali.  Alternatively, you can check out the wide selection of Indian sweets and cakes that are available from the Bangelore Lyengar Bakery on Rangoon Road, which includes Laddu, Bhadusha, and Mysore Pak. And, finally, can we just say we hope the light of Diwali fills your home, workplace and heart with joy in 2019.  Happy Deepavali to you!

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