How to use pomegranate to make breakfasts and salads shine

How to use pomegranate to make breakfasts and salads shine

With their vibrant red colour and deliciously sweet taste, pomegranates are virtually irresistible but it can be difficult to figure out how to eat pomegranate. The simplest way to remove the ruby-red pomegranate pearls is to cut the fruit in half and hit the back with a wooden spoon. Once you’ve removed the fruit from its husk there are many different uses for the pomegranate seeds.

Sparkly appetising salads

The best thing you can do when thinking of how to eat pomegranate is to sprinkle a handful of these vibrant seeds over your favourite salads. Pomegranates go particularly well with punchy herbs like arugula, as the sweet taste helps to balance the spiciness of the leaves. Pomegranates also make a particularly good addition to Middle Eastern salads like tabbouleh or couscous salads. However, there is no need to limit yourself so let your imagination loose when you prepare your next salad.

Add a touch of luxury to Greek yoghurt

Those of you who are interested in including more healthy foods into your diet will be pleased to hear that pomegranates offer the perfect solution. They are packed with a number of vitamins and minerals that will boost your health. Combine this fruit with plain Greek yoghurt for the ultimate healthy breakfast. With the addition of some granola, it’s the ideal breakfast to keep you going throughout the day. Alternatively, you could add your pomegranate seeds to your favourite smoothies for an on-the-go snack.

Garnish your roasted meat

Are you running out of ideas regarding how to eat pomegranate? Why not incorporate this fruit into your favourite meat dishes? Whether you’re cooking a grilled chicken or a juicy steak, pomegranate seeds will add a pop of colour that is second to none. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate combination, use pomegranates as a garnish on your roasted duck. The flavour of most duck dishes is enhanced when eaten with fruits like plums and pears, so pomegranates really are the logical choice.

Make your avocado toast even more trendy

One of the most popular breakfast dishes in restaurants across the globe is smashed avocado on lightly toasted bread. Although this is a savoury dish, pomegranate seeds make a great topping. Not only do these seeds add a  welcome flavour contrast but they make the dish even more visually appealing. Now you really have no excuse not to snap a picture of your breakfast for posting on social media.

Eat it straight from the fruit

The final recommendation we have for how to eat pomegranate is to keep it simple. Enjoy the flavour of the fruit as it is. Simply scour the sides of the husk with a sharp knife before breaking the fruit in half. Once you have the fruit open, you can go ahead and grab a spoon to tuck into the refreshing fruit. There really is nothing like it on a hot summer day.

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