How tropical tiramisu is brightening up meals across the world

How tropical tiramisu is brightening up meals across the world

Who doesn’t love that traditional Italian dessert, Tiramisu? One food trend that’s sweeping Singapore, however, is a different take on this classic. Tiramisu has gone tropical. By replacing coffee with tropical fruit, tiramisu has taken on a Caribbean flavour. And, with a little rum, it’s even more decadent!

Fun facts about Tropical Tiramisu

Perfect for a country where the sun always shines, Tropical Tiramisu is becoming a dessert winner. Made with tropical fruit, this new version of Tiramisu is perfect for entertaining, especially when it can be delivered to your door from a favourite restaurant near you. It is also becoming a firm favourite with children who often find the flavour and aroma of coffee in the traditional dessert too sophisticated for their young taste buds. With the addition of tropical fruit, the Vitamin C content of the dessert is super-high, turning an indulgent treat into something you won’t feel guilty about when you reach for a second helping. Which fruit to use? That is entirely up to you – pineapple, mango, papaya, guava… You could even add some coconut shavings or, for an extra splash of colour, some blueberries.

How Tropical Tiramisu is made

The thick consistency of mascarpone cheese provides a creamy base to the Tropical Tiramisu mixture. This is mixed with brown sugar to add sweetness and colour before well-chilled whipping cream is carefully and slowly poured in to expand the mix. Several egg yolks and more sugar are whipped together in a separate bowl until they become fluffy and very light in colour. This mixture is then carefully folded in with the mascarpone and cream using a spatula (never an electric mixer!). Small sponge cakes are then soaked in fruit juice and, if you’re being extra wicked, some rum before the Tropical Tiramisu is constructed. The juice-soaked biscuits are arranged in the bottom of a dish then topped with some of the mascarpone mixture and the tropical fruit. Layers are built up until all the ingredients are used. Once chilled, this simply delicious dessert is ready to tuck into.

How to eat Tropical Tiramisu

How you eat Tropical Tiramisu is totally up to you. It’s a perfect mid-morning or lunchtime treat with a cup of coffee or an indulgent dessert whether you’re cooking for your family or entertaining friends and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. While rich enough on its own, no-one ever says no to a little extra splash of single cream or a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Where to find Tropical Tiramisu in Singapore

If you have a sweet tooth you want to indulge, you’ll be pleased to hear that The Tiramisu Hero and Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes have all your favourite desserts on their menus.

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