Women In The Spotlight: Karen Chan, Chief Digital Officer at Pizza Hut

Women In The Spotlight: Karen Chan, Chief Digital Officer at Pizza Hut

Name: Karen Chan

Company Name: Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia P/L

Designation: Chief Digital Officer

Tell us about what you do today and how you got to this position.

I am the Chief Digital Officer for Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia P/L, overseeing digital innovation in the region across 10 markets with over 1,500 units. In this position, my focus is on developing a consumer-centric digital ecosystem that is inter-operable, enhancing the consumer experience across multiple platforms and touch points. With increasing proportion of customers browsing and buying online, the growth engine for Pizza Hut is in driving traffic, improving conversion and empowering customers to engage with the brand anytime, anyway, anywhere they want.

What was your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it?

Challenge more of mindset change, removing fear of digital from within the company, share know-how on importance of digital. Biggest challenge is integration best in class e-commerce platform to legacy IT systems.

Have you faced challenges as a woman in your industry?

Building credibility amongst a male-dominated industry; visiting markets where female are perceived as inferior to men and not being heard.

Tell us about balancing life and work?

Barely! I have a young child so guilt takes over and toys over-compensation kicks in.

What’s your best advice for women starting out on their career path?

Be brave, be yourself, bring the goodness out of others by being gracious and vulnerable. We are not superwoman, let alone superman!

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