Introducing the Minute List

Introducing the Minute List

You have never heard of the Minute List before? This won’t be the last time, I promise. Living by the motto that life is too short for bad food, booze, and coffee, the Minute List aims to help you avoid those mistakes. Producing videos of around one minute, hence the name, this company introduces and highlights notable restaurants, bars, and cafes in Singapore. What’s new you ask? It’s easier, it’s insightful, and it’s authentic.

Introducing The Minute List | foodpanda Singapore

What is the Minute List?

The Minute List doesn’t focus on stars and user rankings, but simply introduces the makers and creators behind Singapore’s restaurants, bars, and cafes. Besides viewing high-quality, exclusive, and relevant video content, users can of course share as well as directly book a table via theminutelist.com.

Starting out in Singapore, the Minute List will expand to many of your other favourite and culinary rich cities in the region. There is no need anymore to browse endless blogs, as the Minute List will be your go-to platform for food, drinks, and coffee in your city.

You might wonder how the list is complied, if there is no ranking? The short answer is: by those who are most qualified. Singapore’s chefs don’t eat their own food every day, but enjoy going out to eat like the rest of us. The same is true for bars and cafes. The Minute List simply asked chefs, bartenders, and baristas where they like to eat and drink. The result is a unique list of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Those are not only high-end dinner destinations, but the list also includes the best lunch options and the most mouth-watering desserts.

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Why should I watch it?

Gaining exclusive access to the kitchens of Singapore’s best restaurants, the Minute List lets you see what normally stays hidden. How much work and creative juice goes into every dish and cocktail? What are the innovative techniques that Singapore’s most forward thinking chefs and mixologists use?

Watch The Tippling Club’s executive head chef Ryan Cliff work in his kitchen and learn about the theatrics of a good restaurant experience. Discover the secrets of Restaurant Andre told by the name-giver himself. Hear about how Sarnies focuses on healthy instead of fancy. Be amazed how the Powder Room shakes up things.

Enjoying a tasty meal or well-crafted cocktail, one sometimes forgets how much work goes into it. A simple star review or blog post can describe the way it looks and tastes, but can’t do full justice to it in the way that a conversation with the chef, bartender, and barista does. The Minute List is achieving exactly that. Besides that, even though our daily lives are packed, we all have time for one minute.

The Tippling Club | foodpanda Singapore

Why does foodpanda support them?

When it comes to the love of food, The Minute List and foodpanda Singapore are positively aligned. Trying to find, highlight, and support the best restaurants, bars, and cafes in Singapore, both want to bring customers closer to the tasty food, drinks, and the people who are behind it all, making the experience happen.

Follow us every 2nd week as we uncover Singapore’s most exciting restaurants and bars from behind the scenes.

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