Itameshi masters – why Asia’s finest Italian cuisine comes from Japan

Itameshi masters – why Asia’s finest Italian cuisine comes from Japan

When you think about it, Japanese and Italian cuisine really are the perfect partners, and Itameshi cuisine is the trendy new style of cooking that combines the two. It boasts all the noodles and sauces you could ever imagine, so why not try this unique cuisine for yourself?

Where did it come from?

In the 1920s, many Japanese restaurants began serving Italian food. However, at this early stage, one would only find spaghetti with a basic tomato sauce on the menu. After the American occupation of Japan in the 1940s, it became more common to find a wider variety of Italian dishes on Japanese menus. This is how Itameshi cuisine was created. However, the food prepared in this style had not yet developed into the unique cuisine we know today. It would take a further 50 years before becoming a global sensation. Until the 1990s, the peak of European cuisine in Japan was French. However, as the markets crashed, it became apparent that this haughty style of cooking was no longer suitable for the economic climate of Japan. As classically trained chefs retired their high hats and switched to a more relatable Italian style of cooking, Itameshi cuisine truly reached its full potential. Both chefs and diners alike preferred this cuisine as it was far more affordable and took flavours back to the basics.

Typical food preparation

When you decide to treat yourself to tasty Itameshi cuisine you can look forward to all the flavours of Italy that you love, with a distinctive Japanese twist. The most common items on the menu at a restaurant that serves this kind of food is spaghetti bolognese. This is a basic meat-based pasta that uses ground beef, tomatoes and spices to create a hearty sauce. Alternatively, you may enjoy a good ragu made from the most tender Kobe beef that you’ve ever tasted. Seafood based pasta dishes are equally popular in Japan due to the inherent love for fish and the fine fish markets that exist in the area. Seafood based pasta dishes are often made with the highest quality salmon and tuna. They are served with fresh homemade noodles and crunchy vegetables like scallions and bok choy. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll want to lick the bowl after the meal thanks to the mastery of the Japanese chefs.

How to accentuate the taste of these dishes

If you order an Italian style noodle dish from a Japanese restaurant you can sip a refreshing cup of Sake. Alternatively, you could order a glass of red or white wine to complement your meal, depending on whether you’re having a tomato or fish-based meal.

Treat yourself to the best Japanese pasta

If Itameshi cuisine sounds like something you’d like to try, you should be sure to visit your favourite Japanese restaurants.

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