Lights, camera, nibbles – snacks for cinema fans that won’t spoil the show

Lights, camera, nibbles – snacks for cinema fans that won’t spoil the show

It’s fairly normal to get the munchies at the theatre or cinema, but you really don’t want to be the person that’s chomping noisy popcorn or rustling wrappers and bags. Whether you feel hunger pangs during horror films, at the latest Disney screenings or while at the opera, take your silent snacks along, kick back and relax and focus on the show! There’s nothing worse than sitting next to someone who munches, crunches, rustles and crackles throughout the entire film showing, but films are often shown at times that coincide with meals, so we’ve put together this list of the finest (and quiet) food to eat at the cinema. Hopefully, some of these will tick your boxes…

Muffins, scones, buns – sweet or savoury!

Take in a selection of sweet or savoury muffins cupcakes or bread-style treats to keep hunger at bay during film showings. Kids will adore choosing their own muffins or cupcakes from your varied selection, and you can splash out on ordering in some of the best snacks in town with all the cash you’re going to save on cinema-priced popcorn and drinks! A real winner; just remember to remove the paper bun or muffin cases before the film starts and keep your muffins in a soft and silent bag or Tupperware container. Order in your muffins before heading out to shows or pick them up from any nearby bakery. These are the number one finest (and quiet) food to eat at the cinema or theatre because they are sure to tide you over to dinner time and won’t spoil your appetite either!

Top choccies and sweets to eat at film showings

You can still spoil your sweet tooth during films if it’s chocolate you crave. Just keep the rest of the audience in mind by choosing the quietest chocolate bars and sweet treats, then take them out of the wrappers before the film starts to roll. Some suggestions for soft, silent chocolates include truffles, chocolate-covered fudge bars and the gooiest, soft-centred chocolate caramels, strawberries or oranges. Alternatively, choose gummy fruit sweets to soothe your cravings such as wine gums, cola bottles, jelly beans or Haribo. Just so long as you remove all sweets from their noisy packets before the film, the rest of the audience probably won’t even notice you’re chomping during the showing!

Healthy and quiet cinema snacks

Sushi is one of the healthiest, tastiest snacks to eat in the cinema. What’s more, it’s a totally silent food, so you can eat as much delicious sushi as you please during film showings, and won’t disturb neighbours in the slightest. Another healthy and silent snack option is banana and peanut butter. Yes, you’ll have to peel your banana – and may worry about the smell, perhaps – but take along a small tub of peanut butter for dipping, and this filling snack is another great food to munch on during cinema or theatre trips.

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