Top of the Town: 5 Best Nasi Lemak in Singapore

Top of the Town: 5 Best Nasi Lemak in Singapore

Perhaps one of the most popular dishes in Singapore, everybody likes their Nasi Lemak slightly different. We went around town to test a few spots and variations of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore, all of which are available for delivery via foodpanda.sg.

Nasi Lemak n°1 – Tam Buah Mas

Tam Buah Mas | foodpanda Magazine

Located at Tanglin Shopping Centre just off Orchard Road, Tam Buah Mas was a huge surprise, as the combination of flavours were very rich and well balanced. Each ingredient had a slightly different texture. The Nasi Goreng Istimewa offered traditional fried brown rice with veggies and prawns mixed in, chicken satay, huge prawn crackers, and a fried egg.

The egg was still runny, mixing with the rice as I poked it. Although the rice didn’t have much flavour by itself, it was gently fried, giving it a little crispiness. The homemade satay sauce (plenty of sauce) was very rich in flavour, slightly chunky, and already a reason to come back.

Nasi Lemak n°2 – Ayam Penyet President

Ayam Penyet President | foodpanda Magazine

Visiting the Lucky Plaza outlet, Ayam Penyet President is popular no matter what time. Perfect to create your own combinations, I decided on a mix of yellow fragrant rice and steamed vegetables (Lotek). The latter came with a very rich and spicy peanut sauce. Although I ordered less spicy, I still needed an extra drink with my meal.

The veggies were only slightly steamed, making them still crunchy and fresh. The ikan bilis side dish was definitely the highlight. The crushed and slightly caramelised peanuts were combined with chillies, merging perfectly with rice.

It was great ?? reminds me of Bali ☺️☺️?

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Nasi Lemak n°3 – Pondok Jawa Timur

Pondok Jawa Timur l foodpanda Magazine

Located at North Bridge Road, this Nasi Lemak eatery stuns with attention to detail and presentation. My choice of the day fell on Nasi Uduk, which is green pandan-infused rice, including fried chicken, sliced omelette pieces, Pondok sambal belacan as well as a sambal, anchovy, and nuts mix.

The fried chicken was still tender on the inside and combined well with the green pandan rice. While the peanut and anchovy mix was only mildly spicy, the homemade sambal itself tasted very intense – even though I usually have a high resistance towards spicy tastes. Nonetheless, I totally enjoyed my experience at Pondok Jawa Timur.

Nasi Lemak n°4 – Village Nasi Lemak

Village Nasi Lemak | foodpanda Magazine

Just a few minutes walk from the Tanah Merah MRT Station, the Village Nasi Lemak outlet might be a little detour for some, but is worth stopping for (also available via foodpanda.sg). Ordering the Nasi Lemak fish set, my personal highlight was the peanut and anchovy mix.

Slightly spicy in combination with the crispy and roasted taste, the mix almost felt like an extra sauce. Mixed with the runny egg yolk and rice, I had found my flavour and texture of the day. The fish wasn’t overcooked, slightly crispy on the outside and perfectly consistent in its texture.

Nasi Lemak n°5 – Crave


Hidden in Hougang Mall, Crave offers several Nasi Lemak sets in combination with various types of coffee and tea. Ordering the Royale Rumble combo, I received one chicken wing, a deep-fried fish, a portion of small anchovies, and a soft croquette as well as rice, a fried egg, and sambal.

The latter was very rich and not too spicy for my taste. This local delight set is perfect for those who love a fried variety for their Nasi Lemak. Being very filling, the portion is also ideal for hungry folks.

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  1. Sam Goh

    Agree with Freddie.

    No 1 to 3 are not “Nasi Lemak”.
    Not sure about #4 but Crave is franchisee of the Adam Road joint venture brand, I think.

    Overall, the article is inaccurate on Nasi Lemak and implies lack of understanding of Singapore food or insufficient research.

    Poor article.

  2. Noble Eagle

    Bloody waste of time article, only know how to intro those atas expensive nasi lemak joints and NONE on Actual good and cheap Nasi Lemak places!

    In future please intro more grounded and relevant info without any vested interest and take your sponsored advertisement elsewhere!

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