Net gains: Get in shape with a protein-rich raw fish salad

Net gains: Get in shape with a protein-rich raw fish salad

When you’re feeling lethargic, opting for raw fish salad could be the solution to getting back into shape. We don’t need to go into detail about the benefits of eating healthy salad. And if sushi is one of your favourite snacks, you likely know that raw fish offers loads of healthy perks. Here are some of its benefits.

Benefits of raw fish salad

One principal benefit of eating fresh, raw fish is that it’s packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that aren’t lost during cooking. Raw fish is full of lean protein alongside healthy omega-3 oils, which are essential for heart health and reducing inflammation. Nutritionists also suggest that eating raw fish is good for the body’s immune system.

It’s said that sushi originated as a street food in Japan, and its popularity soared once vendors moved into restaurants. Meanwhile, whereas healthy poke bowls with rice, salad and fish are commonly found in SG restaurants now, they used to be available only in Hawaii. The healthiest fish to eat, raw or cooked, is salmon and tuna.

Whip up a raw fish salad in no time whether you’re at work or home

Combine your raw fish salad with chia seeds and avocado for the healthiest kickstart to your immune system. Just roughly chop lettuce, tomato and avocado, and combine the mixture with your chosen raw fish. Sprinkle chia seeds on top of the salad for an omega-3-rich meal that’s sure to energise your mind and body!

You can opt for raw fish salad for lunch or dinner to get all the healthy immune system boosts noted above. Eating the dish on its own, rather than as a side or starter, will ensure consistent weight loss.

Buy responsibly sourced fish

Always inspect the raw fish you buy in markets and restaurants. It’s important that it’s firm to the touch and doesn’t have too much of a fishy smell. As fish contains mercury, you shouldn’t eat raw fish every day. Buy all your fish from responsible sources to avoid bacteria or parasite contamination. Sushi-grade fish, the best option, is flash-frozen to kill harmful microbes.

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