We Meet With Sheeba Majmudar, Nutritionist To Talk About What To Eat For The Olympics

We Meet With Sheeba Majmudar, Nutritionist To Talk About What To Eat For The Olympics

1) Can you notice an impact in the nutrition habits of the population from the diffusion of hawker centers?

Sheeba Majmudar: In general in Singapore locals tend to eat majority of their meals outside home, so hawker centres are every hundred meters here and thriving! Those who are trying to cook home are reacting from some health conditions they have concerns with. So it is generally a reactive phenomena rather than a proactive, healthy lifestyle choice.

2) How do you feel technology is impacting nutrition in Singapore?

Sheeba Majmudar: I think now we are slaves to screens – so we rarely disengage from it for healthy conversations or just mindful, quiet eating, which are things of the past. This keeps us wired 24/7 and thus increases the stress response in the body.

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3) A vegetarian diet vs a non-vegetarian diet can have different impact on an athlete’s performance?

Sheeba Majmudar: In this case the most important consideration is not what the athlete is eating – but what is he absorbing? I see clients who are meat eaters with low protein levels and vegetarians who have healthy levels – so it really boils down to how well we are breaking down what we eat. SO the focus needs to be promoting healthy eating AND strong digestion for optimal performance.

4) What time and what is it better to eat before and after sports?

Sheeba Majmudar: It depends on the sport and weather as hydration or dehydration is the first major concern. So drinking natural electrolyte like fresh coconut water and clean water is a must. Food can be eaten after sports but a small carbohydrate food/drink like a banana or orange juice is good before the activity. During the activity hydration and electrolytes are important and post some healthy protein (vegetarian or non vegetarian) along with some complex and simple carbohydrates like rice and vegetables are fine. It depends on what the individual health- and body goals are along with the intensity of the activity.

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5) Can you match 3 ingredients for each of the following sports?

  • Soccer | coconut water , banana , nut milk berry smoothie
  • Badminton | coconut water, banana, rice, protein and vegetables
  • Basketball | coconut water, banana and rice, protein and vegetables
  • Taekwondo | nut milk berry smoothie, lemon and pink salt water, lean protein and vegetable soup
  • Golf | banana, coconut water, lean protein and vegetables.

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