Our picks for the finest Hainanese chicken joints in SG

Our picks for the finest Hainanese chicken joints in SG

Yummy, tender Hainan chicken is one of our favourite local delicacies, so if you’re looking around for restaurants delivering Hainanese chicken in SG, allow foodpanda to be your guide!  We’re always on the ball when it comes to the most popular foods for Singaporeans and with Chinese New Year on the horizon, we’re quite sure Hainan chicken and rice is going to be hot. Whether you tend to grab your Hainan chicken rice on the go or eat in the finest gourmet restaurants in town, we’ve got you covered with this listing of some of the top restaurants delivering Hainan Chicken in SG.

Wee Nam Kee

Wee Nam Kee is famed locally and one of the top rated restaurants delivering Hainanese chicken in SG. Check out the restaurant’s entire menu on foodpanda and arrange your speedy delivery now. No matter whether you need to order in a business lunch or you just don’t feel like cooking tonight, the dishes at Wee Nam Kee are sure to meet all your needs. What’s more, you can always rely on us to bring your delicious Hainan chicken to you at the time you crave it!

Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice is a speciality at Ming Kee restaurant in North Avenue, and you can order in your favourite dish on the foodpanda site today. Why not opt for the fishball noodle soup starter, then round off your delicious dinner with Hainan chicken rice in typical Ming Kee style? If you haven’t already tried out the chicken rice at Ming Kee you are definitely in for a treat. This outlet chills all their chicken in ice to ensure dishes are fresh and tasty, no matter what time you place your order.

Good Year Local

A different take on Hainan chicken is always welcome, and the Good Year Local chicken rice balls are an exciting way to eat your favourite dish. If you haven’t already tasted delicious Hainan chicken rice balls at this outlet, get in touch with foodpanda today!

Yeo Keng Nam

Another restaurant serving up delicious Hainan chicken is the Yeo Keng Nam diner in Serangoon. The diner cooks up chicken rice throughout the day, so you can rest assured of the freshest Hainan chicken rice when you order in.

Nan Xiang Chicken Rice

Hainan chicken rice is one of the top SG dishes in town. We’re justifiably proud of our reputation as a global centre for good food, whether from street hawkers or some of our top Michelin starred restaurants. The Nan Xiang restaurant started off as a stall in the Wampoa area and grew in popularity to achieve five star status with locals in the know. The secret of their tasty rice is that it’s steamed with garlic to ensure the smoothest, richest rice in town.

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