Panda Peeks: Meat n’ Chill Singapore

Panda Peeks: Meat n’ Chill Singapore

Meat lovers will rejoice when gazing upon the menu at Meat n’ Chill. Starting with signature ribs and ribeye steaks, this casual Bukit Timah restaurant offers a well-balanced and hearty selection of meaty delights of all kind.

Decorated with an entire wall of beers, ciders, and wines, the interior is more than welcoming if you are looking oodor a good meal and a drink. If for some reason you can’t make it all the way to Bukit Timah, you can also get a delivery from Meat n’ Chill via foodpanda.sg.

Meat n’ Chill | Appetizing Delights

Meat n' Chill | foodpanda Magazine

Starting my Meat n’ Chill review I struggled to make choices, as I knew that everything will be quite filling. Nonetheless, I wanted to taste as much as possible.

I began easy with a portion of truffle fries and the soup of the day that turned out to be a homemade tomato soup. The latter might be a simple dish, but is often prepared without taste. Totally the opposite was the case here. Slightly salty and refined with tomato chunks, the soup was fresh and rich as it should be.

Before the heavy (meaty) hitters arrived at the table, I thought it would be a good idea to get some greens – hence I ordered a fresh Cobb’s Salad. Filled with long and thinly cut strips of lettuce, chopped chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a hard-boiled egg, the salad itself was already quite a substantial load. I liked that the salad dressing came on the side, as I prefer to add the flavouring myself.

Meat n’ Chill | All Ribbed Up

Meat n' Chill | foodpanda Magazine

My companion was already getting nervous, as we waited for Meat n’ Chill’s signature ribs. Offering several marinates for the meat, including Cajun, honey mustard, and Hickory, we went for Bourbon flavouring. Our high expectations weren’t disappointed, as the BBQ pork rips were tender and juicy.

If you dare, you can also try their spicy YOLO challenge. When I asked about how spicy their ‘spicy’ is, I was told that this challenge is only enjoyable for the upper 5% on the tolerance scale. Feel free to try, but I opted out.

The second meaty surprise was called ‘The Red Neck Soo-veed Ribeye Steak’. This so-telling name turned out to be a 250g steak that had been cooked slowly in the oven, before being finished off on the grill. The steak was well done, but still very juicy and tender to cut and chew. The rich black pepper sauce gave the taste a little edge, combining a heavy texture with an almost creamy feel. The sides included a small bowl of rice and sliced apple pieces. The latter was quite an interesting and surprising choice, as I had never expected to find pickled green apple slices next to my steak. But I guess one never stops being surprised – positively surprised.

Meat n' Chill | foodpanda Magazine

I would have loved to indulge even further, such as with their homemade smoothies or their seafood and meat platters. However, the portions at Meat n’ Chill are quite filling.

Meat n’ Chill

Address: 805 Bukit Timah Rd, 279883 Singapore
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:00am – 11:00pm | Mon closed

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