Panda Peeks: Three Buns at Potato Head Folk

Panda Peeks: Three Buns at Potato Head Folk

The beautifully decorated upstairs shop house alone is already worth a visit. But when browsing through their exciting menu, one will find a few more reasons to walk into Three Buns for either lunch or dinner.

Wooden furniture, hand-painted walls, and curious statutes – the interior of Three Buns definitely has charm. However, the restaurant also offers casual street dining on the ground floor. All run by Potato Head Folks, the establishment is completed with a splendid rooftop terrace and a more elegant dining option on the third floor.

The menu is filled with mouth-watering burgers, creative sides, and revitalising drinks. All of which are available for delivery via foodpanda.sg.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | A Refreshing Start

Loving ginger, one of their homemade carbonated sodas immediately caught my eye. The Ginger Ninja is an entirely natural drink and tickles with spice as you drink it.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

Keeping it fresh, I ordered a side salad called Beets by Dre. Beautifully presented and very colourful, the salad came with caramelised and pickled butternut squash, small and roasted beetroot chunks, feta cheese, crisp sage and gochugaru. The latter gives the otherwise refreshing dish a little spicy and flavourful edge.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

As I was curious and hungry I extended my starters with a bowl of pickled and Bourbon-infused cocktail onions. Although softer on the outside, one could compare the texture and feel of these pickled cocktail onions to ripe grapes. Very juicy and not chewy at all, the onions did have a reminiscence of Bourbon. I would totally recommend them as a side for your cocktail. I almost felt like having one myself.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | Substantial Grub

I am a big lover of fries in all their forms and shapes. Hence, I couldn’t resist ordering their house fries. Double cooked, these fries were the crispiest snack I had in a long time. Not too salty, but ultimately delicious when dripping them in the homemade ketchup-like sauce.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

The highlight of my Three Buns review came in the shape of a burger called Truff Ryder, which included a 120g Wagyu beef patty and 50g pan-seared foie gras. Just after a few bites, my lunch companion described the burger as the best she ever had. I had to agree that it definitely was one of the best I tasted.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

The flavours of the burger were created by the four artisan cheeses, the confit onion jam as well as the French black truffle and miso mayo. All kept nicely together between two soft but crispy bun halves. While the foie gras was very subtle and consistent, the beef patty was juicy and tender, almost melting in one’s mouth.

The crowning conclusion to what was already well-rounded meal was the rich chocolate dessert. What first seems like a rather small portion, turned out to be very rich and intense indeed. The mix of dark and milk chocolate was very soft and velvety – quite literally melting in my mouth (even more than the beef patty). The dessert felt almost like a mousse, but was more condensed and intense. While the first taste reminds of dark chocolate, the milk chocolate flavour prevails as it melts.

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk | foodpanda Singapore

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk

Address: 36 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089143
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:00am – 12:00am | Mon closed

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