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Panda Peeks | Village Nasi Lemak



Who said that nasi lemak can’t be upgraded without losing its authentic taste and feel? Village Nasi Lemak on Circular Road is offering your favourite local meal in a casual and unpretentious but vibrant atmosphere.

Formerly located in Bedok, Village Nasi Lemak recently opened in the heart of the CBD. Also offering a selection of beers and wine, this nicely decorated spot is a welcome alternative to the grub and pub food that is otherwise served along Boat Quay. While the interior of this eatery feels like a trendy bar, the food served has the kampong flavour.


Nasi Lemak Sets for Lunch


During lunch (and until 6pm), Village Nasi Lemak offers a vast variety of set meals, including drumsticks, Rendang beef as well as mutton and more. We went for the all-time favourite set with chicken wings. With every set you get a choice of plain white rice or pandan flavoured rice as well as a selection of add-ons.

Our set was served with roasted peanuts, pandan rice, a big spoon of quite richly-flavoured sambal, fried anchovies as well as a soft-boiled egg. Each ingredient was just right for our taste, but we especially loved the soft-boiled egg, as it perfectly combined with the pandan rice. The chicken was very crispy on the outside as well as tender on the inside. Although there is only one chicken wing served, there was quite a lot of meat on it.

We also had a Village style Sayur Lodeh, which came with a really rich and slightly spicy curry. The veggies inside were not too soft and still had a lot of texture.


Tapas at Night



While there will be more nasi lemak sets during lunch, at night Village Nasi Lemak will offer more tapas (but still a few sets as well). The tapas include, besides the Sayur Lodeh, also otah, sambal goreng, fried kuning fish, and many more items.

If you are looking for authentic and richly-flavoured food, but also want to hang out with your colleagues after work for a drink or two, then Village Nasi Lemak on Circular Road might just become your new favourite spot – maybe for both lunch and dinner. If you can’t make it, you can of course also order via foodpanda.sg.


Village Nasi Lemak

57 Circular Rd, Singapore 049412

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