Panda Peeks: Yoğart Artisan Yoghurt Singapore

Panda Peeks: Yoğart Artisan Yoghurt Singapore

Located on Bencoolen Street, just across from LASALLE College of the Arts, Yoğart couldn’t be in a better spot for the young and creative minds with a sweet tooth. Their frozen yoghurt concept isn’t entirely new, but their offering is top notch and very affordable.

Although Yoğart might not be on everybody’s path, it is well worth making a small detour to Burlington Square, satisfying your desire for cold refreshments. The small but cute shop has some seating space, offering itself as an ideal spot for an afternoon break.

The atmosphere feels very relaxed, as the open-door concept is actually very inviting. No matter whether you come just for quick and cool refreshments or want to enjoy waffles with coffee – Yoğart is good for both.

Yoğart Frozen Yoghurts | Cool Runnings

Let’s start with my favourite – the Bliss Parfait. You will have the choice between three fruits, one bite, and one sauce. On offer is an entire freezer full of variety, but my choice was very berry-ful. Besides, kiwi, strawberry, and blueberry, I went for crunchy granola and an absolutely delicious sea salt caramel sauce, which is one of their signature sauces.

As I do love the sweet and salty combination, I wasn’t disappointed with my choice. The intense mid-afternoon heat was very unfriendly to my parfait, trying to set an immediate end to my frozen fun. However, the core of the frozen yoghurt remained cold enough for me to enjoy fully. Actually, the quick melting coated the fruits nicely, making them a taste explosion to eat.

Picture 02 - Yogart

Although I had already plenty of berries in my parfait, I couldn’t resist choosing the Berry Punch Smoothie. Extremely pink in colour, but also rich fruity bites – the smoothie itself doesn’t contain any extra sweetener. Topped with frozen yoghurt, the smoothie becomes creamy as it melts. However, in my case I was much faster than the heat. It took less than two minutes until I made the smoothie disappear.

Picture 03 - Yogart

Yoğart Frozen Gourmet Yoghurts | Homemade Extras

My third sweet treat of the day was a homemade popsicle. Offering them in various flavours, such as mango, yuzu and all kinds of berries, I went for a seemingly unconventional choice called Holy Moly. The combination of avocado and lime is surprisingly harmonious, not really creamy nor bitter, but slightly sweet instead.

Picture 06 - Yogart

But Yoğart has more to offer, such as the homemade waffles topped with fresh fruits and frozen yoghurt. However, my indulgence limit for the day was reached during Yoğart review, which means that I will be back soon for the waffles.

Frozen yoghurt shops have been appearing everywhere in Singapore, due to extreme popularity. However, this one is actually very affordable, making it very tempting to overindulge. A mere $3.50 for a smoothie, $2 for a frozen yoghurt and $1.50 for a coffee are definitely feasible.

You might think that the combination of takeaway and frozen yoghurt doesn’t make too much sense, but Yoğart offers this convenient option with a cooling box – you can even make your order via FoodPanda.sg and have the cool refreshments delivered to your office.

Yoğart Artisan Yoghurt @ Bencoolen St

Address: 01-56 Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen St
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12PM-9PM, Sun 11AM – 6PM

Click here to order online.

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